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The Magic of the Thrift Store Pt. 1: Clothes

~Kristen Furleigh How much do you think you spend on new clothes? Where do you get them? In my experience clothes can get really expensive, really fast, even if you shop at clothing discounters like Ross, Marshalls, or T.J. Maxx. Most people don’t shop there though. They shop at Target, department stores in the mall,… Continue reading The Magic of the Thrift Store Pt. 1: Clothes

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Travel: Making it Happen

Travel: Making it Happen ~ Kristen Furleigh Travel can almost always seem to be an ever elusive endeavor. Often it feels like it is never the “right” time; is there a “right” time? I came across this quote recently, "There's never a convenient time to travel in your life. When you're young you have the… Continue reading Travel: Making it Happen