Hiatus….No More!


We are back…again! It seems we had fallen off the face of the earth but in truth that is not true. In fact we had fallen into a deep, dark routine of work. Our serving job had us working some variation of overtime each week at a nice lil tex-mex place in La Porte,  TX  for about 3 months and that was our focus.  For disappearing during that time I apologize. While we were away we did find some time for a few adventures like The Big Thicket, NASA, and wake boarding!

We are currently, as of today, back on the road. Heading up to Ohio to help out the penguy’s grandma to Chicago to pick up our things to Texas before the MOVE in November. Along the way we plan on a few stops during our road trip(s)….come along with us? 🙂

Til tomorrow pengminions..gotta set up camp!


Middle Earth: The Land of Hobbitses (pt 2)

Hello Pengminions!!! We bring you segment 2 of our New Zealand adventure! Here we have captured the last part of our stay in the north island and make our way to the south island via the aforementioned “ferry ride of death”

We start again as the penguin couple makes their way downstream on the
Tongariro River!

DSC02984Smiling with our group and Australian guide
DSC02986 DSC03006

Oogling the breathtaking views
DSCF4678Touching a lil waterfall
DSCF4684Hitting close to home! HAHA
IMG_8062 IMG_8071 IMG_8072 IMG_8073 IMG_8113Successfully navigated the narrow seas (standing up and all) without loosing a passenger! 
Made our way to Taupo! 
We heard screams and looked up from our peaceful view to find…
Sunset at the great lake!

20140426_180025The Day we met Mt. Doom!
Yes, we hiked the whole way! and then some….
see above: Mt Doom! (you know Lord of the Rings???) aka Mt Nguauruhoe
There was ice and frost when we started at 7am!
DSC_0063and FOG!
DSC_0045what natural colored mosses(?)
as we ascend THE MTN…clouds…
I AM ABOVE THE CLOUDS!!! (and only half way up)
at one point we see a lake
once we reach the summit….TWO, THREE, FOUR?!?!!?!
WE MADE IT!!!! Successful PENGUINS
DSC_0149Our gorgeous view from the top above the clouds
With a great sense of accomplishment we made our way back down the Mountain 
The shoes that helped me make it
and we make our way on to the rest of the crossing…about 10 more km to go!
up more mountainous terrain
the red crater
DSC_0191We had a great view of the blue and green lakes that are located near volcano steam vents
DSC_0196View from the “trail” on the down side of the red crater
20140427_145518dun dun dunnnnnnnn! ahhhhh 😀
DSC_0200the very white steam is from a real live active volcano!!! eeeps
20140427_14543820140427_145457 20140427_155242 20140427_155249
20140427_135217a panoramic picture from the red crater

Sadly after the volcano we were tired and the road was as windy as the road in the clouds from DragonBallZ AND about 7 km to the end so we just forgot from lack of energy to picture anything more. We ended up in a rain forest for the last 5 km or so. The climate changes because of elevation, clouds, and terrain were surreal.
Our SUCCESS FACES! We made it. 8pm WHEW

Next day, in pain, we went off to check out HUKA FALLS!
DSC_0212 DSC_0218 DSC_0220 DSC_0231The water was wicked fast and pristine blue.

real honey comb

We also checked out the Huka Honey Hive where we saw beez and tasted ALL THE HONEY! (and bought some wine 🙂
It was a lovely attraction as we made our way down to Wellington; our last stop in the north.
DSC_0232 DSC_0234A hillside view of houses
Random art
20140429_110150The best slide ever!!! I was discouraged to use on our rainy day walking the town…I did it anyway!!! (and was soo right in its awesomeness) 
free face art so we made our own with it lol
(I discovered howmuch I love panoramic pictures while in NZ)
The Museum of Te Papa (on every list of must sees)
preserved giant squid!

We also went to the Weta Workshop: Our minds Exploded inside their work space but sadly picture taking was restricted 😦 
The dreaded ferry
(I did not know this when the picture was taken! The ship though didn’t have balancing ballasts and we were on some pretty choppy seas….the end of my life as I knew it)

Now we have made it to…The South Island!
Our first day was hiking Abel Tasman
DSC_0270Just beautiful the whole trek
DSC_0290DSC_0294Cricks (lil creeks) and baby waterfalls everywhere
The ever wonderful silver fern!
DSC_0316This is the trunk of a silver fern cut close to the base
What marvelous wood grain!!!
DSC_0335DSC_0361DSC_0369Our stay for the evening was at a quaint hostel
Our room:
It had a name: The Love Bug
These are chocolate/mint love bugs!!!
We have just brushed the surface of all things South Island of New Zealand~y!!!!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
More to come just keep a look out friends!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness Everyone!

APRIL 12, 2014

What is so special about this date?? Hmmm, let us think for a minute…. Well. For one it is so special we in fact forgot to include it in the most important identifying material for the spectacular event that is to be held that day…OUR SOIREE!!!

Yes, we did FORGET to include the DATE in our Soiree INVITATIONS!

So, thank you to everyone who was kind enough to come peruse our blog in hopes of finding out this tiny, little, insignificant detail. In the future we will have 500 eyes check these sorts of things out before we go about mass mailing anyone. Our 4 eyes were obviously not enough with everything else going on.

Oh and since you are here I’ll go ahead and give you a peak into our recent engagement photoshoot! 😉
Thanks again Pengminions!!! Spread the word, April 12th!!!
Leave comments, ask questions and we will be back again soon

❤ Kristen Burleigh

Penguins Take Flight

Hellloooooo Pengminions!

Richard here with the next update for your (hopefully) favorite penguin peoples! Unless you know actual people/penguin hybrids in which case they can be your favorite though I would be concerned for your safely but I’m getting off track and-

So Halloween came and went not long ago with a fun little bash here to wrap up the 2013 PA Ren Faire experience. As usual I DJ’d for the event, providing some unique mixes of some classic Halloween songs I had come across. Hours before this however Kristen and I were in our room elbows deep in our makeup kit creating our couples costume for the evening. Trolling around the internet we came up with a couple possibilities but settled on a dark take on the King and Queen of hearts, with some very fun results.

Kristen’s specifically had a very interesting look as for hers we decided to make it a little more glamorous on the face to contrast the exposed heart on her chest.
x10 heart

Back in the world of actual reception planning we’ve begun looking for more definitive ideas about what we want to plan and do and how we’re going to do it. It is a massive undertaking trying to plan all of these things out and we’ve come across a lot of ideas out there in Internet land about things other people are doing. Everything from reception games, to light entertainments, to more circusy acts have all been used in recent years as people more move away from the “traditional” reception. While some of these ideas are perfect, others among them, well… might be a little much. Call me a little old fashioned but I would rather our reception be a little more about us and a little less about the acrobat who broke their leg. Some of our more likely ideas we’ll keep up our sleeve for now, but I will share with you one of my personal favorites; The Shoe Game! How it works is this, the couple sits back to back, takes off one of their shoes, and exchanges it with their partner. Whoever is emcee will then begin asking personal questions and each person will hold up the shoe of the person they think it corresponds to. Questions such as… “Who wakes up in a better mood?” “Who cooks better?” “Who drives better?” etc… So as you can see there is an immediate opportunity for hilarity and hopefully no arguments later (though she knows I’m the better driver anyway… Just don’t tell her I said that) If you have any fun and mostly clean suggestions for some questions we could ask, let us know in the comments!!

Continuing in the vein of reception things, Kristen and I are more than elated to announce that we have officially made the single largest expenditure we will have during this time and have purchased our flights to New Zealand! Flying penguins ahoy!! Now while I am SUPREMELY excited about this trip I will also readily admit to dreading one thing about it. The twenty hours worth of flight and travel is not something I will relish. As a decently sized guy, over 6′ tall, travel in the economy class of airplanes is, to put it mildly, a thing that could only have been concocted in the most wretched of medieval torture chambers. I barely fit side to side, my knees are constantly pressed into the seat of the person in front of me, and being comfortable is about as fond a dream as, well, actually getting to New Zealand. Kristen on the other hand, at a tiny 5′ 2 1/2″ can literally curl up in the seat, and go to sleep. The envy I have for her capability to do that, combined with her comfort level being over 9000 (DBZ reference, what up!) knows no bounds. I cannot wait, however, to actually get there and begin the adventure! So much to do and we have a WHOLE MONTH to explore this alien place to our hearts content. The range of this country north to south is expansive and we have already begun preparing for the weather ranging from a warm summer in the north island, to near freezing in the south. Ohh! and speaking of the south island, THEY HAVE PENGUINS!!! I KNOW PENGUINS AND ALL I WANT TO DO IS GO PET ONE AND MAKE IT MY FRIEND AND MAYBE PACK HIM IN MY LUGGAGE AND DO YOU THINK CUSTOMS WOULD MIND ME COMING HOME WITH HIM?!?! Ok…. I’m better now….

That’s about it for now pengminions, so I leave you with this shameless self promotion of one of our other pages on the site to check out if you haven’t already! Tada!

Stay frosty!
Richard out!

QUIZ UPDATE: And the winner is……


The lady here to bring you a short update on The Quiz that the Mr. and I had been working through. It seemed rather close the whole way through. We both learned a lot but there had to be a winner. One of us….was highly confident at the end that they were the winner pf all the fancy prizes and bragging rights. Remember this my friends its never in your favor to jump the gun and parade around your victory before all votes have been counted and the results are in. Going into this 100 question venture we both figured who the winner would probably be (me) because… well, its well known the Mr. tends to take information as it comes much more often than I who asks questions on top of questions.

As we neared the end of our exploration it seemed pretty tight. We went into the scoring and he seemed to have all his counted up and I caught a glimpse of what I thought was the final count for myself and just knew I had not won. When he suggested we place our totals down at the same time I was in. He prefaced the reveal with “Baby, I’m sorry I had to beat you” and with what I had seen I figured he was right, by .5 of a point, and was going to be the graceful looser.

There was a ready….GO! Placing our scores down on the bed….I HAD WON!!!! I even felt kinda bad about being the winner lol
Now I await the contract being fulfilled! A small plethora of lovely things we both agreed on would be the winnings of the victor.
They include a dinner of ones choice, an evening of dancing, junk food, breakfast/dessert in bed just to name a few.
All in fun and sport. And an excuse to enjoy each others company. The real winner is both of us because we made the time for each other to slowly go through these questions, answer and elaborate, and gain more knowledge about each other.

Have any other games we could try? Or excursions you might recommend? We would love to hear them!

Til next time pengminions!!

So much love,
Kristen B

It never hurts to research!

Heellloooooooo Pengminions!

Richard here to bring to you the latest edition of the penguin adventures. This week we made the very grown up decision to *bumbumbum* read! Image

Now there’s obviously much more to it than that. Over the last couple months the Ms. and I have been tossing around the idea of looking outside of our own minds and thoughts for some advice and insight to making our relationship work better, getting to know each other, learning to see things from the others point of view, and truly trying to understand the other. During other similar thoughts we had found an online list of “100 questions you should ask before you tie the knot” that was a good jumping point to learning about the other. This however wasn’t quite enough as we had, through our own lives and talks, discussed many of the deeper questions brought forth from that questionnaire. So what we were truly looking for was something in the vein of “So you’re two people going through life together and want a little insight to trying to better understand each other and how to make it an easier journey” Unfortunately there was no such book title. Double unfortunately there were a plethora of books based around this same idea which made trying to sift through them more than a little difficult.

So there we sat in Barnes and Noble, a stack of self help books in front of us, trying to figure out which one best spoke to the both of us. We joked with each other that anyone else wandering by must have thought we were on the verge of a divorce or something since the stack of books we were sifting through was about a foot and a half high. Some, like the one pictured at the beginning, tried breaking love and everything else associated with a relationship down into something more tangible . In this case using resources, economics, and a business sense to allocate what you can afford where. While I love the idea of breaking it down a little more in these ways, Kristen was vehemently opposed to reducing something like love down to little more than a formula where if A is greater than B, we do CImage Others such as this one, seemed to only be a book full of anecdotes. Which piqued the interest of Kristen a little more, but not as much mine. For me, I don’t particularly want to read about others situations and how they dealt with it, I would much rather look into how to identify problems and work through it with a better understanding of the other person. Break it down in a way that I can potentially process into my life. So we sat there with our stack of books, passing them back and forth, finding small things here and there that we liked. It was an interesting thing in some ways that the mere idea and process of picking a book for us to improve our relationship actually helped us work together.

Eventually we decided on two different books. One was less of a book and more of a quiz to see who could answer more questions about the other one correctly. We figured with this one, it could be a fun little way to answer and discuss the questions. Plus the winner gets a couple nice things done for them 😉  Second, and the more serious of the two was one that initially I didn’t like. The reason for this dislike however was because, to me, the glaringly unapologetic truth with which the book presented it’s information. The two sections we read rang resoundingly true for the both of us to such a degree that there was little doubt as to what we would actually get; even despite my initial misgivings.

Which brings us to now. Thus far we are 80 questions into our 100 question quiz which we have allotted 10-20 a night to stretch it out and actually allow for discussion of the questions. And have not started our serious book, which incidentally enough we did not actually take a picture of… This was less to do with a wariness to begin it and more to do with a three day Memorial Day weekend at the faire, followed by a three day vacation to NYC (blog on that coming soon as well!).

We’ll keep everyone updated on who wins the relationship quiz game!

Until next time Penglovers!

Richard F

Birthday presents for the future

Greetings Penguin Lovers!

Richard here with you for this edition of the Penguin Fiances on what is here at Mt. Hope, the day after Fall season audition day! While I find it more than a little exciting as I’m always into showing what I can do, Kristen is more than a little stressed out about it. “I HATE monologues! And singing!!” Yet somehow she managed to get through it and do some great work inside the room, and while I waited for my turn outside, even had one of our friends here comment “Wow, I didn’t know she could sing like that!” Yet she never believes these things from me… Hmmm…

This talk of auditions and shows brings up something we have been chatting for a long time about between the two of us. We kinda like each other and would like to work with each other when possible. Just like with much of the arts industry there are, at an extreme, two main routes. The indie, self publishing/promoting road that can be a little rougher, but more control over when and how often you work. And there’s the larger more corporate path with larger productions that may pay a little more and be a little easier to simply step into, but work can be a lot more spread out this way. Personally I recognize the benefits of both, being able to work on individual skills, on Penglap projects, and then transferring them to the larger entertainment industry as a whole in order to make a larger impact as an artist. Kristen on the other hand leans MUCH more onto the indie side of things and would love nothing more than to own a RV and travel around doing…. something! We have some good ideas and working here at the Ren Faire is great inspiration, but it is definitely a difficult and work intensive path.

Bringing us… back to the title! Prior to Kristen’s birthday she had been mentioning that she would like to learn guitar for a couple weeks. So come round on her birthday there was a guitar waiting for her on the bed! Which unfortunately needed some minor repairs and new strings, but is now back to functioning for Kristen to learn on! On my end I have a cello, and we both can sing reasonably well so there’s some musical possibilities. We also recently ordered ourselves our first rapiers.Rapiers
YAY! We’re both pretty excited to get them in and start practicing up with them and building our fight skills even further. I really want to add a dagger to that pretty quick, but Kristen keeps saying something about a Honeymoon and saving and blah blah… So I guess that will have to wait a little while since even the cheapest stage combat daggers are triple figures.
Big Sword
On the much lower cost side of things though we have a friend here at the faire who has offered to help us make our own 6′ long bull whips! Something exciting and dangerous for sure! Needless to say between the two of us we have all kinds of fun toys to start playing with and trying to figure out all kinds of things to do with them.

Quite a bit for today, but that just about wraps it up for today Penguin Lovers! If you have any thoughts about crazy/fun for weapons or anything along those lines let us know below!

I’ll leave you with some pictures from our post audition/datenight reward to ourselves.


Bowling Score

Yes… She beat me at bowling… but hey, what can I say? I’m marrying an awesome woman!

Slide back again soon!
Richard F

Dress Shopping!!! and other relationship things

Hello Penguin Followers!!!!

Sooooooo I had a birthday this past week. 25!!! Weeeeee I can now rent a car all on my own! Thanks to all who sent FB wishes of kindness. It was a fantastic day on the shire of Mt. Hope. Desdemona enjoyed sharing my natal den with everyone throughout the day. I was presented with quarters from cast members and showered with love from my friends and family. The first of our off days Richard, some fellow cast member friends and I went to Hershey Park! We rode roller coasters, learned about the making of chocolate, and ATE CHOCOLATE!!!!!!! It was a deliciously fun time that was only the pregame to the WHITE TRASH BASH we threw for fun!!! We were inspired by these cups we saw at Kirkland’s while looking around for inspiration for the Soiree and knew we had to make this event happen and recreate these cups!  Aaannnd we did 😀

Tons of country music was a blasting and much beer pong was played! It was a fantastic time! Just imagine thirty plus actors …yeah! We go all out.
Here’s a taste…

The very next day my also engaged friend, Chailee, and I went out to try on dresses…I never thought something so girly could be so fun!!! We had a blast. The first place we went was called Cocoa Couture in Hershey and was a lovely establishment. The staff was super friendly and helpful. The dresses there were magnificent and certainly gave me so ideas that I can incorporate into the dress that I want to get made. Here is a look at me in a fancy white dress! Image

I’d post a pic of the both of us but she hasn’t picked her dress out yet and I would hate to give away her look if it were her ultimate choice!

On another note Relationship things.
When it comes to that we both always come to communication. It is KEY!
Communicating with each other and others you can learn so much.
We were talking with a fella today that we had just met. His group will be performing as an independent act at the faire. As we got to know this guy he was extremely open, talkative and inquisitive. A super friendly guy that we enjoyed. At the tail end of the conversation he recommended a book for the two of us to read, The 5 Languages of Love. He is a recent divorcee and said he found this book just too late and has recommended it to others who have thanked him after. As he was talking a bit about this book and what it covers, while chatting together later, we discovered that we both have had similar thoughts about what he was explaining. And that is when relationship advice has been imparted to us we often times have had the thought of…we kind of do that already..and its a pretty cool feeling. It makes me feel like we must be doing something right. We aren’t perfect by any means but hopefully these things will work out for us in the long run. The 5 languages of Love book we are looking into reading together. If there are those of you out there that have any other suggestions on pre life commitment material you would recommend we would love to check it out so please post away!!! We are always wanting to learn more and try to make this and anything we do better!

It is about time to hit the hay for it is another faire day in the morn.
Til next time my lovely penguin followers! I love you all and a wonderfully good night!

Future Mrs. Furleigh