The Day has Come and Gone….

We had such a wonderful day full of hard work, love, laughter, tears,
and the start to another unforgettable adventure.
Without further ado we present to you….
Pictures in the form of song!

Our Day we share with you…Enjoy!
The Furleighs


All things Soirée and…..We need YOUR help!


It is I, Kristen, the lady of this duo you will oh so soon be able to refer to as: The Furleigh’s!
Hello you all. Hope everything in your world is going gloriously. It is going very much so here for us. We are head over feet in planning and work and projects. It is grand. I love being this busy!

It has been a little bit since updating you all on planning and things soiree related. It has been interesting trying to organize everything on our own since this whole thing is a little foreign to us but we are managing it. LISTS are our best friends, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them a.) for life and b.) for an undertaking such as this. It will probably be what saves our butts in the end because if we just tried to “remember it” all we would not have anything to show come April 13th.
We went to check out our venue a couple weeks ago and it is plain but it has potential. They provide tables which actually are perfect for our theme. They are kind of a brushed metal top. *perfect* The chairs we might have to change up somehow but we will work with them. Lately we have been on the hunt, stopping in many Goodwill Stores and thrift stores and just recently started going garage sale shopping, to find the perfect trinkets to put together for interesting centerpieces and decorations around the venue. My parents so graciously and thoughtfully sent us gift cards to Michael’s for our Christmas presents (I can’t tell you how excited I was when I opened it) and got a few things to start the process of Invite Construction!!!

Oh my, oh my. Shame shame shame on me. Did I share with you all that my custom designed dress is in the process of being made…as in…decision made and deposit PAID! Eeps, It all just keeps becoming more real.

A couple of other big things we are working on is food, flowers, cake.
The food we are trying to keep reasonably priced and MAN flowers are EXPENSIVE oh and so are cakes. Which we have been tossing around the idea of making it ourselves. Yes you read that correctly. Home-made-cake for our reception. The key to this decision being made will be based on us deciding we will spend a day in the near future and do a cake test run. We will let you know how it goes. If successful, it will save us so much money.

Some thing that we have to remind ourselves throughout this process is to stop and KISS! Keep.It.Simple.Stupid. A little acting nugget you can take with you and use in all of life. Try it. Please. It works wonders!

And here is where you all come in:
Whilst in the midst of all this planning we have come to realize that we also have to come up with a list of music to fill hours of entertaining. We have started a so far short list with a collection of songs that range all over the music spectrum. For the shindig we would love to know some of your favorites when it comes to music so we might stay ahead of the curve because I am sure we are going to miss some good ones by just not thinking of them. Anything! We would love to hear it. We want some ambiance music but we also wanna get people out on the dance floor when the time comes! What would get you up and on the dance floor? What are some songs or types of music you have heard at a reception that you thought were spectacular choices? We appreciate any and all input from you.

Thank you so much pengminions! This is going to be a most glorious occasion so, many thanks to you for helping make it so special.
So much love,
Kristen B

Birthday presents for the future

Greetings Penguin Lovers!

Richard here with you for this edition of the Penguin Fiances on what is here at Mt. Hope, the day after Fall season audition day! While I find it more than a little exciting as I’m always into showing what I can do, Kristen is more than a little stressed out about it. “I HATE monologues! And singing!!” Yet somehow she managed to get through it and do some great work inside the room, and while I waited for my turn outside, even had one of our friends here comment “Wow, I didn’t know she could sing like that!” Yet she never believes these things from me… Hmmm…

This talk of auditions and shows brings up something we have been chatting for a long time about between the two of us. We kinda like each other and would like to work with each other when possible. Just like with much of the arts industry there are, at an extreme, two main routes. The indie, self publishing/promoting road that can be a little rougher, but more control over when and how often you work. And there’s the larger more corporate path with larger productions that may pay a little more and be a little easier to simply step into, but work can be a lot more spread out this way. Personally I recognize the benefits of both, being able to work on individual skills, on Penglap projects, and then transferring them to the larger entertainment industry as a whole in order to make a larger impact as an artist. Kristen on the other hand leans MUCH more onto the indie side of things and would love nothing more than to own a RV and travel around doing…. something! We have some good ideas and working here at the Ren Faire is great inspiration, but it is definitely a difficult and work intensive path.

Bringing us… back to the title! Prior to Kristen’s birthday she had been mentioning that she would like to learn guitar for a couple weeks. So come round on her birthday there was a guitar waiting for her on the bed! Which unfortunately needed some minor repairs and new strings, but is now back to functioning for Kristen to learn on! On my end I have a cello, and we both can sing reasonably well so there’s some musical possibilities. We also recently ordered ourselves our first rapiers.Rapiers
YAY! We’re both pretty excited to get them in and start practicing up with them and building our fight skills even further. I really want to add a dagger to that pretty quick, but Kristen keeps saying something about a Honeymoon and saving and blah blah… So I guess that will have to wait a little while since even the cheapest stage combat daggers are triple figures.
Big Sword
On the much lower cost side of things though we have a friend here at the faire who has offered to help us make our own 6′ long bull whips! Something exciting and dangerous for sure! Needless to say between the two of us we have all kinds of fun toys to start playing with and trying to figure out all kinds of things to do with them.

Quite a bit for today, but that just about wraps it up for today Penguin Lovers! If you have any thoughts about crazy/fun for weapons or anything along those lines let us know below!

I’ll leave you with some pictures from our post audition/datenight reward to ourselves.


Bowling Score

Yes… She beat me at bowling… but hey, what can I say? I’m marrying an awesome woman!

Slide back again soon!
Richard F