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Identifying Hypocrisy

by Richard Furleigh Hypocrites. Everyone claims to hate them, yet not a single one of us (myself included) are free from this title. Our intentions may be one thing however time and time again our words and actions betray us as hypocritical. The book “Building The Bridge As You Walk On It” by Robert E… Continue reading Identifying Hypocrisy

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I’m in a Travel State of Mind

- Richard Furleigh If you read any blogs on even a semi regular basis you will have come across the “Travel is important!” “Get out and go see the world!” or the classic “Broaden your horizons!” All of which sound great but from my travel experiences in this country and abroad, miss a critical point.… Continue reading I’m in a Travel State of Mind

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Sales and Business in Living Life Creatively

by Richard Furleigh A pushy car salesman prattles on about the virtues of a particular car before saying “come on, make me an offer.” The women at the furniture store keeps pushing you to the higher end furniture and talking about upgrades you don’t want. Your last mattress shopping experience, I can just about guarantee,… Continue reading Sales and Business in Living Life Creatively

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Living Life Creatively

Living Life Creatively ~Kristen Furleigh Living life creatively to me is a lifestyle even more than that though it transforms into a way of being. It is finding ways to do things differently. My mind has always taken the “normal” and asked questions. Most important has been “Why?”. Why do we do the things that… Continue reading Living Life Creatively