Finding Furleigh: It’s more than a blog!

~Kristen Furleigh

In my previous blog I talked about Furleigh and how it came about. Since changing our name, which if you would like to learn about our process in changing our name please message us we would be glad to share with you, it has been an interesting journey. Come to find out taking a new name and making it your own is no easy feat. Especially for two who never thought they would go by anything other than who they were named at birth.

Finding Furleigh epitomises that for us as a trifecta: it’s a journey in finding who we are as individuals, who we are together, and where you can find us along the way. Whether it be in our everyday lives or off on another travel adventure we hope to encourage you to join us on our exploration of ourselves and this vast world. It is an ever evolving process that never ends as we grow and change over time. Our goal is to continue to hold each other accountable to this continuous work.

I caught myself just the other day writing Burleigh when filling out paperwork and it’s been almost three years since we changed our names! It is easy to fall back into old habits especially when you have held them for a long time. Writing the wrong name is trivial it is true, but falling back into the old and comfortable and staying there doesn’t facilitate long term growth. It takes making a correction even if in another direction entirely to find where you need to go. Exploration is key and that takes action, it takes doing, and it takes accepting failure along the way. Sometimes mistakes can give us just the fuel we need to keep pushing forward.

What our name does for us is it helps guide us. We found Furleigh and we will continue to find Furleigh as we explore the meaning and how it may change as we continue our lifelong journey. What guides you? Share with us your inspiration and your motivation. Let’s keep each other accountable! Til next time Pengminions! 

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Bringing Life to Abandoned Buildings

Hello Pengminions!!!

Kristen here with your next dose of penguin cuteness overload!
Yes, that’s right…YOU will see them right here for the first time
A week and a half ago we had the privilege of having our engagement pictures done by Andrew Elam! Richard ‘s sister’s boyfriend, a talented man behind the lens, went with us to an abandoned brewery that Richard and I had scoped out a few days before in Galveston. Not only was it abandoned but it was literally across the street from the police station (We try to make every adventure a Super adventure, the more risk the better, not really but it seems to find us and make everything more epic.)
The most easily accessible entrance was facing the station so we opted to venture around the building and found a window we climbed in through one by one. You will see the pictures and the answer is no I did not bring an extra pair of shoes with me to make this easier. Needless to say there were blisters later that day. After getting over my initial worries/fears of getting caught and being thrown in jail (to live out the rest of my days) for trespassing we had a blast! One of the most important things we learned is that Richard has a concentrating (focusing on being relaxed) constipation face hence the quote of the shoot, “Come on, look like you love her.” Richard was trying waaaay too hard to look “normal.” The second most common quote, “Ok, now kiss!”
The joking and awesomeness of the location made it easy to have fun.
Example here:
thug lyfe 4eva

Alright, now on to the good stuff…
find the ligh

all about her

where to standin the light

I am IN LOVE with this next sequence of pictures!!!

 come on, it will be fun  create.lovelook what we can createseeeeegraffiti win

 It is like a little story!

made for the movies all the love we create DSC_0759-5


Having some fun and submitting to American Horror Story



Editing magic for a silhouette photo:




This one is Richard’s Favorite:



DSC_0549  DSC_0524

DSC_0523 DSC_0513

I had fun taking pictures in this “window”

the blissful end

And that my friends is what we spent our time doing on an early Sunday afternoon. Hope you enjoyed them. Share with us what you think or more adventures we should go on.

APRIL 12, 2014

What is so special about this date?? Hmmm, let us think for a minute…. Well. For one it is so special we in fact forgot to include it in the most important identifying material for the spectacular event that is to be held that day…OUR SOIREE!!!

Yes, we did FORGET to include the DATE in our Soiree INVITATIONS!

So, thank you to everyone who was kind enough to come peruse our blog in hopes of finding out this tiny, little, insignificant detail. In the future we will have 500 eyes check these sorts of things out before we go about mass mailing anyone. Our 4 eyes were obviously not enough with everything else going on.

Oh and since you are here I’ll go ahead and give you a peak into our recent engagement photoshoot! 😉
Thanks again Pengminions!!! Spread the word, April 12th!!!
Leave comments, ask questions and we will be back again soon

❤ Kristen Burleigh

All things Soirée and…..We need YOUR help!


It is I, Kristen, the lady of this duo you will oh so soon be able to refer to as: The Furleigh’s!
Hello you all. Hope everything in your world is going gloriously. It is going very much so here for us. We are head over feet in planning and work and projects. It is grand. I love being this busy!

It has been a little bit since updating you all on planning and things soiree related. It has been interesting trying to organize everything on our own since this whole thing is a little foreign to us but we are managing it. LISTS are our best friends, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them a.) for life and b.) for an undertaking such as this. It will probably be what saves our butts in the end because if we just tried to “remember it” all we would not have anything to show come April 13th.
We went to check out our venue a couple weeks ago and it is plain but it has potential. They provide tables which actually are perfect for our theme. They are kind of a brushed metal top. *perfect* The chairs we might have to change up somehow but we will work with them. Lately we have been on the hunt, stopping in many Goodwill Stores and thrift stores and just recently started going garage sale shopping, to find the perfect trinkets to put together for interesting centerpieces and decorations around the venue. My parents so graciously and thoughtfully sent us gift cards to Michael’s for our Christmas presents (I can’t tell you how excited I was when I opened it) and got a few things to start the process of Invite Construction!!!

Oh my, oh my. Shame shame shame on me. Did I share with you all that my custom designed dress is in the process of being made…as in…decision made and deposit PAID! Eeps, It all just keeps becoming more real.

A couple of other big things we are working on is food, flowers, cake.
The food we are trying to keep reasonably priced and MAN flowers are EXPENSIVE oh and so are cakes. Which we have been tossing around the idea of making it ourselves. Yes you read that correctly. Home-made-cake for our reception. The key to this decision being made will be based on us deciding we will spend a day in the near future and do a cake test run. We will let you know how it goes. If successful, it will save us so much money.

Some thing that we have to remind ourselves throughout this process is to stop and KISS! Keep.It.Simple.Stupid. A little acting nugget you can take with you and use in all of life. Try it. Please. It works wonders!

And here is where you all come in:
Whilst in the midst of all this planning we have come to realize that we also have to come up with a list of music to fill hours of entertaining. We have started a so far short list with a collection of songs that range all over the music spectrum. For the shindig we would love to know some of your favorites when it comes to music so we might stay ahead of the curve because I am sure we are going to miss some good ones by just not thinking of them. Anything! We would love to hear it. We want some ambiance music but we also wanna get people out on the dance floor when the time comes! What would get you up and on the dance floor? What are some songs or types of music you have heard at a reception that you thought were spectacular choices? We appreciate any and all input from you.

Thank you so much pengminions! This is going to be a most glorious occasion so, many thanks to you for helping make it so special.
So much love,
Kristen B

Birthdays, Vacations, Visits, Oh My!

Hello Pengminions!
Yes, its true! I have missed you and I hope you have missed us but we are back! Having adventured to the BIG APPLE! Just in time for one of each of our parents to come visit us here at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. What a grand couple of weeks it has been. Birthdays have happened…the male half of this whole to be exact…vacations had, and parent visits. Whew and now we have rested just a bit and are here for you to recount tales for you and also get back to hitting the ground running on all things Soiree related!

Birthdays were had before the faire weekend in which the Faire Family gathered for a Heroes vs Villains party. Of course, it is much more fun to go as the latter so we spent some time researching characters. We brought our make up kit to PA with us in hopes of spending some time practicing those skills and haven’t made the time so to save money and add to my portfolio we decided to do make up versions of our villains. Without doing a practice run I am pleased with the outcome, its not perfect but with some practice beforehand next time I think it would work out :


And mine was a more idea based rather than an attempt at recreation, a terminator~esque character…the gear started sliding because I did not wait long enough for it to get tacky before placing it on my face.

For his birthday, which was a rehearsal day, (boo) we went for ice cream at Friendly’s and hit up a Toys r Us! Yupp, we are just a couple of big kids! Nerf guns are a thing here at the faire amongst many and he had been wanting one but knowing we have expensive endeavors coming our way he has done well to restrain his impulse to make such a purchase so I figured I would take him to pick one out, and he settled on a pair of minis that we could share and they are the cutest pair. (They were cheap and work swell) Check em out! 😀
While there we found legos and decided to get into the holiday spirit until we get to Chicago and can make our Lego people us for the mug he bought me for my birthday.
It was a fairly low key birthday but he doesn’t really want to be reminded hes *cough cough* 27 heeheehee, I’m sorry, as he says, “I’m 25 with experience.”

Right after bday shenanigans we whizzed through a faire weekend, little sleep and off to NYC for our much anticipated 3 day weekend!!!!!
Up at 3:30 am we had a quick bite in the kitchen, loaded the “van” and started making our way to NYC! (I’m going to put NYC all over the place because it has been one of the top places I have wanted to visit since forever!) We made it there around 8 am and set off on foot right after parking right outside of where our friend we were staying with lives. Thanks a million Phil!!!!
We started off by checking out this hole in the wall coffee shop I had found online because the Mr. in this group has a love of trying different coffees so I wanted to take him of my own free will because often I give him crap about it, but I can be supportive of his interests too even if I think it tastes like dirt. The place was called Beaner Bar and had a Mexican twist to traditional coffee giving it a spicy kick!

hotstuff espresso
“Cayanne pepper in coffee? Woo! That’ll clear the sinuses in a hurry!” ~ Mr.

Once we got our caffeine fix for the day we headed out to the subway to make our way into Manhattan! Oh the excitement!!!!! We set off to find the theatre that we planned to see ‘Peter and the Starcatcher’ at later that night. We waited in a short line at the box office’s opening to get our hands on rush tickets which were a pretty good deal considering we paid less for two than a single cheap regular priced ticket. Once we made it to the theatre again later that evening we found out about the 20 for $20 deal they have where you show up 20 mins before the show starts and if there are still seats available for that show you pay the super low price of $20 to see the show. (This isn’t always available but when it is I would recommend giving it a shot especially if you are on a tight budget and really want to see a show) The more you know!!!! Will definitely keep this one in my hip pocket for next time we make our way into the Big Apple. After obtaining our tickets we ventured out into the City after pit stopping for an elastic ankle brace for myself to keep the walking from further injuring my foot I sprained earlier in the faire season. We make our way down to the High Line which is this intriguing park that was built using an old above ground railroad. After wandering this and checking out a driving range and fancy boats on a pier we stumbled upon the Chelsea Market! A gem that we knew existed in The City but did not even think to put on our list of destinations. Such a wonderful surprise and I wish we had brought a camera this day because it was too neat! Our phones from the drive up were fairly drained of battery so we needed to conserve energy to make sure we would find our way back to where we were staying at the end of the evening. As we made our way back to the theatre we stopped for food and sat down for an evening of magic! Even with Peter and the Starcatcher being understudies it was an amazing show. When we finally made our way back to Phil’s place we were greeted by friendly faces and enjoyed catching up with fellow alums from Texas State University who have made NYC their home. Then…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

The next morning we hit the ground a’runnin! We made our way out to Times Square for the opening of another theate box office where we managed to get our hands on rush tickets for ONCE! Ahhhh! MAY! ZIIIIING! We bumped into our faire friends who also had the same idea, while in line to get tickets, and were able to get our pair right by theirs. Until the show we wandered off to Central Park where we walked around, checked out the Central Park Zoo, found a spot for a lil nap in the sun, came across a castle and didn’t even get through half the park before looking for the MET! When we finally found our way inside we had about 45 mins to peruse the giant establishment. (The quickest tour through a museum ever for the both of us)
A small bench area in Central Park, so gorgeous!!

Once we left we set off for food finding, coffee possibilities, and making our way closer to the theatre. Food ended up being more expensive than we initially hoped for. Restaurants advertising specials but aren’t entirely clear what it entails and so we learned that we should make sure to ask specifics on these before we order. Oh well it was some pretty good pizza anyway. We were unable to spot a place worth visiting for coffee so we just wandered on down to the theatre. Inside we went and….


That is all I can say about the show because it would take way too long to dote on it. Go see ‘Once’ if you have the chance is my advice to you all you will not regret it!

When we left the theatre it was dark and Times Square was LIT!!!! We wandered a bit and tried to find a restaurant with a roof top view but failed miserably on this mission. Next time we will have to get suggestions from people that know the City or research and reserve ahead of time. Earlier in the day we spotted Dallas BBQ who’s menu was reasonably priced and curious on whether or not their bbq was truly up to Texas standards we stopped in and if you are in NYC and hankering for some good ol Texas bbq this one will satisfy your craving til next you make your way down south for the real thing. We shared a platter that included steak, ribs, and shrimp. Also, can’t forget the goblets that contained the alcohol. Yupp, Texas Sized!!!
Our night didn’t end there! Though it would have been a good one to end on we Googled KARAOKE and found this hole in the wall place that had private rooms with your own mics, song books, and tv! We spend a whole hour singing our lungs out and wish we didn’t have to leave. So we add to our goal of Karaoke Round the World. NYC-Check! 😀
It was a looong day, by the time we made it back to the apt if was about 3am.


He got sleepy on the train, hehe.

The next and sadly final morning of our trip we didn’t hop right out on the adventure train. We spent some time chatting with Phil catching up on what has been going on since graduation. Before heading out we packed the car up so that when we got to leaving we wouldn’t have to make sure anyone was there if it was an inconvenient time for them.

Off we went to set our eyes on The Statue of Liberty!!! On our way we walked down Wall Street and saw the Trump Building and all the business dressed people walking down the street to their jobs and grabbing food from the street cart vendors. We sat and had lunch/breakfast by the water and made our way to the ferry that would take us to Staten Island and passed by the Lady. I was impressed by how small she seemed from the ferry. I had pictured her much bigger based on photos but with the skyline of the City right behind her she looks very small in comparison. If you plan on going up into the Statue of Liberty make sure to get your tickets way in advance. You must order them ahead of time and you must have one to go. A week before our trip we looked them up online and they were sold out for all 3 days we were going to be in the City so once you decide what dates you are going and if that is something you want to do going on a whim won’t be an option unfortunately 😦

The Lady

After the ferry ride we made our way close to where our friend Phil works to catch a spot of coffee at Bluebird and catch up a bit more before he went into work and we were off to our job again. It was another hole in the wall joint that was for the most part purely coffee and espresso without many syrups/flavor add ins. Of course Richard didn’t mind this but I was a little disappointed. It was a very pretty latte though and Richard happily bought a bag of coffee on his way out.
We said our farewells and set off to catch a glimpse of ground zero before leaving the City. It was a long journey but on our way we stumbled upon Katz’s Delicatessen where a scene from When Harry Met Sally was filmed and popped in for dinner! If you don’t mind paying a pretty penny for the food it is very good. After filling up on pastrami (I tried something new and liked it) and we both tried an egg cream for the first time (its kind of like a float…kinda?).

Our journey was almost over…We stopped for a while, staring up, talking and sharing moments looking at 1 World Trade Center that is still being built. No words can explain how that feels.
And a picture doesn’t even begin to capture the beauty of the building.

On our way out of the City we decided on one more stop….Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain! Yes with a F! It was an adorable old timey place where the workers dressed the part and all the soda and ice cream were hand made!
old school
Lovely date to set us on our way!

NYC was a glorious experience. As soon as we got there the sounds of the City were present ever enveloping… Jack hammers and man holes being worked on that obviously housed the Ninja Turtles, and the neighborhoods with houses that have the steps leading to the front door made me giddy as a clam!

Thank you for reading the novel that I leave here for you. If you want to know more about anything we did on our trip feel free to send us a message we would be happy to answer or help you out on your own NYC adventure!
I have made up an album of all the pictures from our adventure that you can find here:

Til next time Pengminions!
❤ Kristen B.

It never hurts to research!

Heellloooooooo Pengminions!

Richard here to bring to you the latest edition of the penguin adventures. This week we made the very grown up decision to *bumbumbum* read! Image

Now there’s obviously much more to it than that. Over the last couple months the Ms. and I have been tossing around the idea of looking outside of our own minds and thoughts for some advice and insight to making our relationship work better, getting to know each other, learning to see things from the others point of view, and truly trying to understand the other. During other similar thoughts we had found an online list of “100 questions you should ask before you tie the knot” that was a good jumping point to learning about the other. This however wasn’t quite enough as we had, through our own lives and talks, discussed many of the deeper questions brought forth from that questionnaire. So what we were truly looking for was something in the vein of “So you’re two people going through life together and want a little insight to trying to better understand each other and how to make it an easier journey” Unfortunately there was no such book title. Double unfortunately there were a plethora of books based around this same idea which made trying to sift through them more than a little difficult.

So there we sat in Barnes and Noble, a stack of self help books in front of us, trying to figure out which one best spoke to the both of us. We joked with each other that anyone else wandering by must have thought we were on the verge of a divorce or something since the stack of books we were sifting through was about a foot and a half high. Some, like the one pictured at the beginning, tried breaking love and everything else associated with a relationship down into something more tangible . In this case using resources, economics, and a business sense to allocate what you can afford where. While I love the idea of breaking it down a little more in these ways, Kristen was vehemently opposed to reducing something like love down to little more than a formula where if A is greater than B, we do CImage Others such as this one, seemed to only be a book full of anecdotes. Which piqued the interest of Kristen a little more, but not as much mine. For me, I don’t particularly want to read about others situations and how they dealt with it, I would much rather look into how to identify problems and work through it with a better understanding of the other person. Break it down in a way that I can potentially process into my life. So we sat there with our stack of books, passing them back and forth, finding small things here and there that we liked. It was an interesting thing in some ways that the mere idea and process of picking a book for us to improve our relationship actually helped us work together.

Eventually we decided on two different books. One was less of a book and more of a quiz to see who could answer more questions about the other one correctly. We figured with this one, it could be a fun little way to answer and discuss the questions. Plus the winner gets a couple nice things done for them 😉  Second, and the more serious of the two was one that initially I didn’t like. The reason for this dislike however was because, to me, the glaringly unapologetic truth with which the book presented it’s information. The two sections we read rang resoundingly true for the both of us to such a degree that there was little doubt as to what we would actually get; even despite my initial misgivings.

Which brings us to now. Thus far we are 80 questions into our 100 question quiz which we have allotted 10-20 a night to stretch it out and actually allow for discussion of the questions. And have not started our serious book, which incidentally enough we did not actually take a picture of… This was less to do with a wariness to begin it and more to do with a three day Memorial Day weekend at the faire, followed by a three day vacation to NYC (blog on that coming soon as well!).

We’ll keep everyone updated on who wins the relationship quiz game!

Until next time Penglovers!

Richard F

Dress Shopping!!! and other relationship things

Hello Penguin Followers!!!!

Sooooooo I had a birthday this past week. 25!!! Weeeeee I can now rent a car all on my own! Thanks to all who sent FB wishes of kindness. It was a fantastic day on the shire of Mt. Hope. Desdemona enjoyed sharing my natal den with everyone throughout the day. I was presented with quarters from cast members and showered with love from my friends and family. The first of our off days Richard, some fellow cast member friends and I went to Hershey Park! We rode roller coasters, learned about the making of chocolate, and ATE CHOCOLATE!!!!!!! It was a deliciously fun time that was only the pregame to the WHITE TRASH BASH we threw for fun!!! We were inspired by these cups we saw at Kirkland’s while looking around for inspiration for the Soiree and knew we had to make this event happen and recreate these cups!  Aaannnd we did 😀

Tons of country music was a blasting and much beer pong was played! It was a fantastic time! Just imagine thirty plus actors …yeah! We go all out.
Here’s a taste…

The very next day my also engaged friend, Chailee, and I went out to try on dresses…I never thought something so girly could be so fun!!! We had a blast. The first place we went was called Cocoa Couture in Hershey and was a lovely establishment. The staff was super friendly and helpful. The dresses there were magnificent and certainly gave me so ideas that I can incorporate into the dress that I want to get made. Here is a look at me in a fancy white dress! Image

I’d post a pic of the both of us but she hasn’t picked her dress out yet and I would hate to give away her look if it were her ultimate choice!

On another note Relationship things.
When it comes to that we both always come to communication. It is KEY!
Communicating with each other and others you can learn so much.
We were talking with a fella today that we had just met. His group will be performing as an independent act at the faire. As we got to know this guy he was extremely open, talkative and inquisitive. A super friendly guy that we enjoyed. At the tail end of the conversation he recommended a book for the two of us to read, The 5 Languages of Love. He is a recent divorcee and said he found this book just too late and has recommended it to others who have thanked him after. As he was talking a bit about this book and what it covers, while chatting together later, we discovered that we both have had similar thoughts about what he was explaining. And that is when relationship advice has been imparted to us we often times have had the thought of…we kind of do that already..and its a pretty cool feeling. It makes me feel like we must be doing something right. We aren’t perfect by any means but hopefully these things will work out for us in the long run. The 5 languages of Love book we are looking into reading together. If there are those of you out there that have any other suggestions on pre life commitment material you would recommend we would love to check it out so please post away!!! We are always wanting to learn more and try to make this and anything we do better!

It is about time to hit the hay for it is another faire day in the morn.
Til next time my lovely penguin followers! I love you all and a wonderfully good night!

Future Mrs. Furleigh