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Finding Furleigh: It’s more than a blog!

~Kristen Furleigh In my previous blog I talked about Furleigh and how it came about. Since changing our name, which if you would like to learn about our process in changing our name please message us we would be glad to share with you, it has been an interesting journey. Come to find out taking… Continue reading Finding Furleigh: It’s more than a blog!

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Bringing Life to Abandoned Buildings

Hello Pengminions!!! Kristen here with your next dose of penguin cuteness overload! Yes, that's right...YOU will see them right here for the first time OUR ENGAGEMENT PICTURES!!!! A week and a half ago we had the privilege of having our engagement pictures done by Andrew Elam! Richard 's sister's boyfriend, a talented man behind the… Continue reading Bringing Life to Abandoned Buildings


APRIL 12, 2014

What is so special about this date?? Hmmm, let us think for a minute.... Well. For one it is so special we in fact forgot to include it in the most important identifying material for the spectacular event that is to be held that day...OUR SOIREE!!!Yes, we did FORGET to include the DATE in our… Continue reading APRIL 12, 2014


All things Soirée and…..We need YOUR help!

Pengminions! It is I, Kristen, the lady of this duo you will oh so soon be able to refer to as: The Furleigh's! Hello you all. Hope everything in your world is going gloriously. It is going very much so here for us. We are head over feet in planning and work and projects. It… Continue reading All things Soirée and…..We need YOUR help!

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Birthdays, Vacations, Visits, Oh My!

Hello Pengminions! Yes, its true! I have missed you and I hope you have missed us but we are back! Having adventured to the BIG APPLE! Just in time for one of each of our parents to come visit us here at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. What a grand couple of weeks it has been.… Continue reading Birthdays, Vacations, Visits, Oh My!


It never hurts to research!

Heellloooooooo Pengminions!Richard here to bring to you the latest edition of the penguin adventures. This week we made the very grown up decision to *bumbumbum* read! Now there's obviously much more to it than that. Over the last couple months the Ms. and I have been tossing around the idea of looking outside of our… Continue reading It never hurts to research!


Dress Shopping!!! and other relationship things

Hello Penguin Followers!!!!Sooooooo I had a birthday this past week. 25!!! Weeeeee I can now rent a car all on my own! Thanks to all who sent FB wishes of kindness. It was a fantastic day on the shire of Mt. Hope. Desdemona enjoyed sharing my natal den with everyone throughout the day. I was… Continue reading Dress Shopping!!! and other relationship things