The Day has Come and Gone….

We had such a wonderful day full of hard work, love, laughter, tears,
and the start to another unforgettable adventure.
Without further ado we present to you….
Pictures in the form of song!

Our Day we share with you…Enjoy!
The Furleighs


Bringing Life to Abandoned Buildings

Hello Pengminions!!!

Kristen here with your next dose of penguin cuteness overload!
Yes, that’s right…YOU will see them right here for the first time
A week and a half ago we had the privilege of having our engagement pictures done by Andrew Elam! Richard ‘s sister’s boyfriend, a talented man behind the lens, went with us to an abandoned brewery that Richard and I had scoped out a few days before in Galveston. Not only was it abandoned but it was literally across the street from the police station (We try to make every adventure a Super adventure, the more risk the better, not really but it seems to find us and make everything more epic.)
The most easily accessible entrance was facing the station so we opted to venture around the building and found a window we climbed in through one by one. You will see the pictures and the answer is no I did not bring an extra pair of shoes with me to make this easier. Needless to say there were blisters later that day. After getting over my initial worries/fears of getting caught and being thrown in jail (to live out the rest of my days) for trespassing we had a blast! One of the most important things we learned is that Richard has a concentrating (focusing on being relaxed) constipation face hence the quote of the shoot, “Come on, look like you love her.” Richard was trying waaaay too hard to look “normal.” The second most common quote, “Ok, now kiss!”
The joking and awesomeness of the location made it easy to have fun.
Example here:
thug lyfe 4eva

Alright, now on to the good stuff…
find the ligh

all about her

where to standin the light

I am IN LOVE with this next sequence of pictures!!!

 come on, it will be fun  create.lovelook what we can createseeeeegraffiti win

 It is like a little story!

made for the movies all the love we create DSC_0759-5


Having some fun and submitting to American Horror Story



Editing magic for a silhouette photo:




This one is Richard’s Favorite:



DSC_0549  DSC_0524

DSC_0523 DSC_0513

I had fun taking pictures in this “window”

the blissful end

And that my friends is what we spent our time doing on an early Sunday afternoon. Hope you enjoyed them. Share with us what you think or more adventures we should go on.

The ever delicate balance of relationships

Hello once more pengminions!

The larger of the two penguins, Richard (in case you’ve never actually looked at our photos) here with an issue that anyone in relationships hear and deal with on a regular basis.

Fairness, especially when it comes to relationships is a delicate topic for sure. Everyone wants to feel like they are being listened to and that they aren’t the only one putting forth effort into keeping the relationship running smoothly. Now, within the confines of any relationship these things always fluctuate one way or the other. Both in terms of who among the partners is taking the lead on any one issue or feels more adamant about a topic, and also how issues are reacted to and dealt with. Now no two people are the same, so no relationship will function exactly the same as any other. One week someone might be giving a little more of their time, understanding, or patience when dealing with their partner, and over the next couple weeks they themselves may need a little more of a delicate touch because of difficulties they are having with work, or their family, or anything else.

What I have come to discover more and more is that it isn’t always about being right, or needing to get your way all the time. It’s not the small issues that make up who you are. Let those go! If they want to buy an extra bag of chips when shopping or spends a little more time than you would like playing a game or on a particular web site try not to let it bother you. If it’s not affecting your overall relationship, how you function together, your communication, and as long as it’s not turning the other person into a complete sedentary slob, then have a little understanding. If all you do is bog yourself down in the tiny details of your life and relationship it becomes all too easy to lose sight of the big picture, to stop enjoying your life and relationship. Now in the same breath I’m not saying that you should ever feel like you’re being walked over all the time. Just as you should strive to be compassionate and truly listen, it is your partners responsibility to do the same thing for you. To let small things go and to make sure you feel as though your thoughts, feelings, and concerns are being respected as well. In a way, that is the key to making sure things are balanced, by simply discussing it. Having an open line of communication, letting your partner know your reservations and if you feel as though your feelings aren’t being given their proper credence is the pure and simplest way to make sure that you are feeling like an active participant and not just a passenger being drug along.

In the same vein of being an equal partner across a relationship I find myself not so secretly hating a particular phrase I’ve heard repeatedly since we’ve begun planning for our soiree reception.

The day is all about her!

Growing up in a society where this is a generally accepted truth makes for an interesting idea to fight against. In a world where little girls are supposed to grow up and think about their dream wedding and what dress they want and vows at sunset and… and……. and………. Where little boys are more concerned with, bugs, or something. For me however, looking at this screams as an exceptionally unfair situation. In a ceremony where two people are joining together as one for the rest of their lives in this mortal coil, it should be both of their days. Neither one of them should lord over the decisions and proceedings of the day. If you have been married then you likely know the massive undertaking that is putting together a wedding and reception. For those of you who haven’t let me assure you it is a gargantuan undertaking to iron out the thousand little details of when, where, food, music, clothes, etc… These details are compounded even further when you are in charge of making all the decorations, invitations, flower arrangements, food, and more yourself instead of paying to have it done for you (yay having a minuscule budget!).

This single event, the exchange of vows and the celebration after, is a kick start into the rest of your lives. It is a gateway for how the two of you will spend the rest of eternity together, and for one person to exert their influence over the other is something that I simply abhor. It is all a partnership, and in this case, with Kristen, I feel as though I care just as much about the tiny details, like which plate we will place with which napkin, as she does. We want to put on the best event we can and so only by working together to make our joint vision come true will we both be happy with the outcome. The more we enjoy the process of it, the more it will show through our work in a way that will make the whole day shine. So in this way, it will not be her day. It will always be our day

Well I will leave you with that for now pengminions as I step down off my soapbox. Hope you have a great week coming up, and make sure to check out my “shameless self promotion plug” this week and look at our What is Steampunk page for a brief discription and a link to our Pintrest page where you can get some inspiration for your outfit!

Until next time my friends! Keep sliding!

Richard F

Leaps and Bounds and Away We Go!

Hola Penguin Followers!

It has been way too long. Please accept our apologies! So much has happened. We are here at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire for their 2013 season and rehearsals are in full swing. It took us three long drives to get here but we made it here last Sunday. We took pit stops in Houston, TX to drop our babies off with his parents and then another in Kennesaw, GA to visit my aunt and her family and to do some sight seeing while we were there. 20, 12, and 12 hour drives straight happened! Needless to say it was more than a little grueling as you can see from the route below.Image
The first leg was made infinitely worse by a poor little kitty who decided that she did not want to travel well and spent the first couple hours needing constant reassurance and love. It wasn’t the US trip we had originally planned for this summer but it was still pretty neat for making some fun happen on our way to our new job together. 

Packing our lives into one smallish vehicle was Tetris! With as much as was in the back of his Soul we were worried it was going to explode open when we finally got here. We managed to make it happen though, while also fitting both our animals and ourselves inside. While in Houston we made some swift friend visits with those he knew from his hometown, enjoyed some family time and did our last initiations to our Soiree Cabinet at Main Event in Katy and an Astros game (that I got voted into going to by his friends muahaha)

In Kennesaw we saw my cousins that I had not seen since they were little babies. Richard and I spend a day in Tennessee visiting Rock City. The rest of the time we all went together to one of my favorite places ever, STONE MOUNTAIN, and some sight seeing in downtown Atlanta (The World of Coca~Cola and Millennium Park).

After all that journeying around we made it here in the middle of nowhere, Pennsylvania! That might not sound all that exciting to you guys but here is a land of sword fights and Shakespeare, improv and shows, gypsies and nobles and the beginning of a journey we won’t soon forget!


  Til Next Time Penguin Followers!

Small things keep relationships interesting.

Greeting Penguin Lovers!

Richard here this time to impart on you some quite intimate details to you that very well may fall under the “Slightly too much information” category. So to just rip the band-aid off of it I’m just going to come out and say it, but let’s all try to put on our big boy and girl pants and not giggle at the following…

Kristen doesn’t poop. Or rather I have never been positive that she has gone #2 the entire time I have known her. Think about that for a moment… I have known my lovely fiance for about three and a half years. A little over two of which we have been dating and have spent exponentially more and more time together to where now we live in a 220sqft studio apartment almost stacked up top of one another. Yet she HAS NOT POOPED! EVER!! Now on my part it is quite obvious when I expel that kind of waste from my body, just ask Kristen. I spend quite a bit of time on the throne, playing with my phone, reading, etc… So much so sometimes that she is concerned I have fallen in. The exact opposite is true of her; the time spent in the bathroom is relatively short and almost never fluctuates from one trip to the other making it impossible to discern when the tasks inside vary. Other things you might expect to be associated with that duty (rimshot) are simply non existent. No noxious odors, thundering sounds, or small animals whimpering as they run away. Maybe that last one is just me though.

It was some time before I actually noticed this trend and have since become somewhat infatuated with catching her in the act. She has likewise taken much joy in taunting me with the fact that she simply doesn’t do that and laughs at my attempts to unravel the mystery. I have gone so far as to randomly burst into the bathroom if I suspect anything, only to be greeted with a smile and a “nope!” (We did say at the start of all this that we would be completely honest with yall. Welcome to the absolute randomness that is us!) I have even gone so far as to seriously consider spiking her food with a large amount of laxative a la Dumb and Dumber but feel as though that is cheating somewhat.

Given all this time together I have come up with these alternate theories for how she deals with her waste…
1. Like many current theories regarding women and flatulents, Kristen converts all fecal mater into rainbows and butterflys.
2. She doesn’t actually eat, but secretly hides all food in a pouch in her cheek, like a hamster. Where she later throws it into the trash when I’m not looking.
3. Kristen represents a new stage in human evolution and is 100% efficient with the matter she takes in leaving no need for expelling the non existent waste.
4 (and my favorite). Her stomach is actually a micro portal to another dimension where all her food eaten is transported to. This also helps to explain how she stays so tiny despite her intake of chips and ice cream all the time.

Thinking about it however reminds me that it is every facet of a relationship that makes it interesting, and often times is the small things that I find so satisfying about sharing with her. Not the poop thing, but the small ways we communicate, the way we have silly names for things in our lives, or words that have a completely different meaning to us for whatever reason. These are aspects of a relationship that are built over time, that evolve through shared experiences with one another that you simply cannot replace. Because let’s be honest, relationships are weird. Yet I find more and more that it is this weirdness that makes me fall more and more in love with her.

Best wishes Penguin Lovers! Stay cool!! Because penguins primarily live in the southern reaches of the wor…. Ya know, never mind, you get it…

Richard F.