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Budget Chandelier for our Living Room

by Richard Furleigh Come with me on a DIY/Home improvement story in electrical work! *Disclaimer! I am not a professional electrician, I’ve acquired skills over the years through practice and learning from others that I feel confident enough to do these things and try to teach you. If at any point it feels like it’s… Continue reading Budget Chandelier for our Living Room

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Gifts Made with Love: and sometimes blood, sweat, and tears

~Kristen Furleigh Sometimes gift giving can be stressful "Ahhh, I have NO. IDEA. WHAT. TO. GET. (Insert person). Life is awful!" Other times gift giving can be brainless ex: Run to the store, pick up first item you see, purchase, leave. When it comes to gift giving, second to the experiences and time option from… Continue reading Gifts Made with Love: and sometimes blood, sweat, and tears


Middle Earth: The Land of Hobbitses (pt 1)

Pengminions!!!!! It is time to share with you our NZ Adventure aka Honeymoon!!! As we have (I think) previously stated we spent a whole gosh darn month in the land of the white cloud! Everyday was an adventure. A glorious, gorgeous, grandiose adventure! We spent time on both islands (North and South) about 2 weeks… Continue reading Middle Earth: The Land of Hobbitses (pt 1)

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The Day has Come and Gone….

We had such a wonderful day full of hard work, love, laughter, tears, and the start to another unforgettable adventure. Without further ado we present to you.... Pictures in the form of song! Our Day we share with you...Enjoy! The Furleighs

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Penguin DIY bonanza!

Greetings one and all my favorite Pengminions! Richard here with your new delve into the deep complex inter-workings of a bird brain (more penguin puns, I know. I'm so good at them). First off we have some lovely glass jars created by the misses. Through the magic on Pintrest she found an exceptionally easy way… Continue reading Penguin DIY bonanza!

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Crafting Steampunk – aka – we’ve hit 1st gear

Hello Pengminions! Craftyhands Richard with you today to share some recent developments in two exciting worlds. Kristen and I's, and creating our handmade steampunk bonanza! Life has been blazing by at what feels like a blistering speed here in Houston as we've adopted a fairly routine schedule of working three days a week and trying… Continue reading Crafting Steampunk – aka – we’ve hit 1st gear