The Furleighs in San Francisco

When work inadvertently schedules you three days off in a row what do you do? Pack up the car, get a pet sitter, and take a quick trip of course! Following up on some of our travels I present to you our time in San Francisco.

Day one was venturing to the infamous Alcatraz Island. The island itself was surprisingly beautiful if you took away the giant steel and concrete looming over you. Getting inside to see the prison however was intimidating and even a little inspiring. If you’ve never visited it isn’t until once you’re inside that the true magnitude of the whole place hits you. It’s almost unsettling to think of the history such a facility has, and surprising some of the tales of reform that came from inside. One of the more dramatic stories from Alcatraz has nothing to do with it’s time as a prison, but after it was abandoned. First nation peoples took up residence for a period from November 1969 to June 1971 declaring the island belonging to all native people. We left the island and proceeded to walk, everywhere, for the rest of the day. Coit tower, Chinatown, and the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre.

Walking through Chinatown was almost surreal, hearing almost no English being spoken around us and seeing almost all signs written in another language was a very different experience. While there we stopped by Boba Guys, which without a doubt had the best boba tea Kristen or I have ever had. We wrapped up at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, which is simply spectacular. The entire space made me want to perform a Shakespeare production right then and there. By the time we were done however I was tapped out, and we had to take a Lyft back to our car since I felt like I was about to get some massive blisters otherwise.

Day two started out with us at nearby Muir Woods national Monument, one of the last places on Earth with naturally growing redwood trees. The colloquial use of “walking among sleeping giants” was exceptionally apt here with trunks the size of cars that would then shoot into the sky making you hurt yourself in an attempt to actually see the tops. The adventurous penguins we are we ventured off onto one of the side paths to get away from the crowds and get into the woods a little more. It was well worth it as the beauty of the area revealed itself more and more in the quiet. Once we left there we hung out a little in San Francisco before heading to The Exploratorium and met up with one of Kristen’s friends from back in Victoria, Sarah.

I had never heard of The Exploratorium until we researched places to see in San Francisco, but I am so glad we were able to get there since it’s pretty much a giant science/art/physics/natural world playground for adults. Needless to say we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We parted ways with Sarah and headed off to meet another friend who lived in the area. We met with Sydney after she got done with her rehearsal for her show she was working on. The local bar we met at had a great vibe to it and had a stellar home made sour mix, which led to a phenomenal amaretto sour for Kristen. Our evening ended at a karaoke bar that was hosted by a karaoke DJ who also happened to play the harmonica, sing all the background vocals, and play the saxophone.

On our last day we finally got San Francisco’s famous crummy weather which was a bummer, but we came prepared! So we tossed on our rain gear and got out to Golden Gate Park for some exploring. We meandered about for a bit before going into the Japanese Tea Garden for some afternoon refreshments. The site was beautifully kept; flowers, koi ponds, manicured trees, and more awaited us as we walked the paths. After enjoying a pot of tea we headed across the street to the Botanical Gardens which had me entertained and Kristen mesmerized. The scale of the plants that thrived in such conditions was quite astonishing, and venturing to other parts of the world’s flora in such a small space was fantastic. We wrapped up our time in the bay by meeting up with Kristen’s mother and another friend, Dylan, for dinner and a stroll along the Ghirardelli Square toward the piers. After buying two pounds of sourdough from Boudin’s (all for me!) we said our goodbyes and it was back to Reno.

All in all our first extended trip to San Francisco was exceptionally amazing, full of adventures, and made even more enjoyable by our friends we met while there (thanks guys and gals!). Do you have any trips coming up shortly? Any places you think we should check out the next time we get down to the bay area? Let us know down below!

Until next time Pengminions!


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Experiences are the Best Gifts

~Kristen Furleigh

The best gift you can give some one is your time. Rather than spending your hard earned money on things that in most cases only offer short term fulfillment why not think differently next time a holiday or birthday come around. We as people remember most the experiences we had and the people we had them with more readily than the gift items we get. Why not give the gift of experiences and/or time when the next gift giving event takes place?

great basin

Around here we prefer just that. Any chance we get we are trying to come up with a meaningful experience in which we can gift our time when these milestones hit. This year was my Dad’s 50th birthday and what we came up with is for me to take him out to a different spot once a month for the whole year and we grab a beer together . This encourages us to make time for each other; which with our busy schedules can get away from us sometimes. For the year we are dedicating once a month to an experience and quality time; which is better than any ol’ tie or bottle of aged whiskey could offer. It’s just two months in and it has been a blast!

If you are looking for some grand adventures or experiences and don’t know where to look try out Groupon. You can get ideas and even try something new for a fraction of the original cost. They have offers in most cities.


Christmas this year was a great year for Groupons, one of my favorite gifts, my parents got each of us ‘kids’ a voucher for go-kart racing! And for my parents I got us an adventure for a group snowshoeing adventure up in Lake Tahoe. For Richard and I we purchased one for parasailing this summer up in Lake Tahoe also. I can’t wait to go on these epic adventures with people I love.

cpAnother place to start when trying to come up with gifts that are more along these lines is to think about the person’s interests and how you can incorporate those into an activity or outing. When my birthday came around last year Richard remembered my love of arts/crafts and weakness for a sweet Moscato and signed me up to spend time with my Mom at Crafted Palette (a local paint and sip establishment) since he had to work.

These are just a few of many ways you can change your gift giving habits that we encourage you to try out. What are some of your favorite non-traditional gifts or some ideas that you have come up with that we didn’t talk about? We would love to hear about them. Having trouble or feeling stuck; lets brainstorm some ideas together! Til next time Pengminions!

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Buying our Subi: Tumbleweed

By: Richard Furleigh

“Buying a car is fun!!” – no one ever

When searching for our latest vehicle here in Reno we began with not a list of vehicles, but with a list of things we wanted out of our vehicle and the whole time we were focused on making the car buying experience work for us for a change. Our criteria were primarily driven by our adventures we wanted to have in camping, skiing, road trips, etc so it was important to get pretty close to these things.

This led us to look primarily at the compact SUVs since most of the vehicles in that category meet what we were looking for. While researching specific models we made a rather robust Excel spreadsheet detailing everything from ground clearance to MPG to avg price to horsepower & torque. It was intense to say the least. Now since we weren’t looking to buy new (because unless you have more money than you can spend the general consensus is: NEVER BUY NEW!) we then had to begin looking through the local dealerships for the few we had narrowed down to.

Getting behind the wheel and reevaluating led us to narrowing our choice to one standout, the Subaru Forester XT. This was where our brains started working harder to see what we could do differently to find exactly what we wanted. For weeks we couldn’t find a car that fit, so our search range began to expand more and more. We found one in town that was close-ish to our range. Oddly enough was the same day we stumbled onto an out of state dealership that had a couple vehicles perfectly in our range for less than the dealer here had listed.

When we went down to the dealership here in town the vehicle wasn’t quite a perfect fit, but was close. After an hour of negotiating some manager came out. He chuckled some at the 21k price we wanted saying that he “could get more for the vehicle at auction” and “you’d never get that kind of vehicle anywhere in the Sierras at that price.” So we showed him the quote from the dealer we had been looking at in New York that had a 2014 for $21k. He laughed at us. “You’re going to fly to New York and buy your car there? Then what? Drive it back?”

So we bought the car there and Kristen drove it back across the country! We were headed to New York for the Nevada Global Business program anyway, and Kristen met up with her Mom who was on a separate trip for the drive back here.

Factoring gas, hotels, and Kristen’s missed flight we saved about $3,500. Kristen got to check a few more states off her list, visit a few friends, and go on a road trip that she loved to boot!

So let this inform you, if you’re looking to buy a car any time soon find out what part of the country has the lowest prices for that kind of vehicle. Make contact with a couple options there, and you can get your new car at a LOT less! The option to combine a trip with it just means it’s that much more of an adventure for you!

If you have any bigger purchases or plans coming up give some serious thought to a different way to execute that makes it better for you. It was fun getting to do something so different with our experience. If you have any deeper questions about our process or have a few ideas you’d like to bounce off someone let us know down below! Until next time Pengminions!

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Finding Furleigh: It’s more than a blog!

~Kristen Furleigh

In my previous blog I talked about Furleigh and how it came about. Since changing our name, which if you would like to learn about our process in changing our name please message us we would be glad to share with you, it has been an interesting journey. Come to find out taking a new name and making it your own is no easy feat. Especially for two who never thought they would go by anything other than who they were named at birth.

Finding Furleigh epitomises that for us as a trifecta: it’s a journey in finding who we are as individuals, who we are together, and where you can find us along the way. Whether it be in our everyday lives or off on another travel adventure we hope to encourage you to join us on our exploration of ourselves and this vast world. It is an ever evolving process that never ends as we grow and change over time. Our goal is to continue to hold each other accountable to this continuous work.

I caught myself just the other day writing Burleigh when filling out paperwork and it’s been almost three years since we changed our names! It is easy to fall back into old habits especially when you have held them for a long time. Writing the wrong name is trivial it is true, but falling back into the old and comfortable and staying there doesn’t facilitate long term growth. It takes making a correction even if in another direction entirely to find where you need to go. Exploration is key and that takes action, it takes doing, and it takes accepting failure along the way. Sometimes mistakes can give us just the fuel we need to keep pushing forward.

What our name does for us is it helps guide us. We found Furleigh and we will continue to find Furleigh as we explore the meaning and how it may change as we continue our lifelong journey. What guides you? Share with us your inspiration and your motivation. Let’s keep each other accountable! Til next time Pengminions! 

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Hiatus….No More!


We are back…again! It seems we had fallen off the face of the earth but in truth that is not true. In fact we had fallen into a deep, dark routine of work. Our serving job had us working some variation of overtime each week at a nice lil tex-mex place in La Porte,  TX  for about 3 months and that was our focus.  For disappearing during that time I apologize. While we were away we did find some time for a few adventures like The Big Thicket, NASA, and wake boarding!

We are currently, as of today, back on the road. Heading up to Ohio to help out the penguy’s grandma to Chicago to pick up our things to Texas before the MOVE in November. Along the way we plan on a few stops during our road trip(s)….come along with us? 🙂

Til tomorrow pengminions..gotta set up camp!

Middle Earth: The Land of Hobbitses (pt 2)

Hello Pengminions!!! We bring you segment 2 of our New Zealand adventure! Here we have captured the last part of our stay in the north island and make our way to the south island via the aforementioned “ferry ride of death”

We start again as the penguin couple makes their way downstream on the
Tongariro River!

DSC02984Smiling with our group and Australian guide
DSC02986 DSC03006

Oogling the breathtaking views
DSCF4678Touching a lil waterfall
DSCF4684Hitting close to home! HAHA
IMG_8062 IMG_8071 IMG_8072 IMG_8073 IMG_8113Successfully navigated the narrow seas (standing up and all) without loosing a passenger! 
Made our way to Taupo! 
We heard screams and looked up from our peaceful view to find…
Sunset at the great lake!

20140426_180025The Day we met Mt. Doom!
Yes, we hiked the whole way! and then some….
see above: Mt Doom! (you know Lord of the Rings???) aka Mt Nguauruhoe
There was ice and frost when we started at 7am!
DSC_0063and FOG!
DSC_0045what natural colored mosses(?)
as we ascend THE MTN…clouds…
I AM ABOVE THE CLOUDS!!! (and only half way up)
at one point we see a lake
once we reach the summit….TWO, THREE, FOUR?!?!!?!
WE MADE IT!!!! Successful PENGUINS
DSC_0149Our gorgeous view from the top above the clouds
With a great sense of accomplishment we made our way back down the Mountain 
The shoes that helped me make it
and we make our way on to the rest of the crossing…about 10 more km to go!
up more mountainous terrain
the red crater
DSC_0191We had a great view of the blue and green lakes that are located near volcano steam vents
DSC_0196View from the “trail” on the down side of the red crater
20140427_145518dun dun dunnnnnnnn! ahhhhh 😀
DSC_0200the very white steam is from a real live active volcano!!! eeeps
20140427_14543820140427_145457 20140427_155242 20140427_155249
20140427_135217a panoramic picture from the red crater

Sadly after the volcano we were tired and the road was as windy as the road in the clouds from DragonBallZ AND about 7 km to the end so we just forgot from lack of energy to picture anything more. We ended up in a rain forest for the last 5 km or so. The climate changes because of elevation, clouds, and terrain were surreal.
Our SUCCESS FACES! We made it. 8pm WHEW

Next day, in pain, we went off to check out HUKA FALLS!
DSC_0212 DSC_0218 DSC_0220 DSC_0231The water was wicked fast and pristine blue.

real honey comb

We also checked out the Huka Honey Hive where we saw beez and tasted ALL THE HONEY! (and bought some wine 🙂
It was a lovely attraction as we made our way down to Wellington; our last stop in the north.
DSC_0232 DSC_0234A hillside view of houses
Random art
20140429_110150The best slide ever!!! I was discouraged to use on our rainy day walking the town…I did it anyway!!! (and was soo right in its awesomeness) 
free face art so we made our own with it lol
(I discovered howmuch I love panoramic pictures while in NZ)
The Museum of Te Papa (on every list of must sees)
preserved giant squid!

We also went to the Weta Workshop: Our minds Exploded inside their work space but sadly picture taking was restricted 😦 
The dreaded ferry
(I did not know this when the picture was taken! The ship though didn’t have balancing ballasts and we were on some pretty choppy seas….the end of my life as I knew it)

Now we have made it to…The South Island!
Our first day was hiking Abel Tasman
DSC_0270Just beautiful the whole trek
DSC_0290DSC_0294Cricks (lil creeks) and baby waterfalls everywhere
The ever wonderful silver fern!
DSC_0316This is the trunk of a silver fern cut close to the base
What marvelous wood grain!!!
DSC_0335DSC_0361DSC_0369Our stay for the evening was at a quaint hostel
Our room:
It had a name: The Love Bug
These are chocolate/mint love bugs!!!
We have just brushed the surface of all things South Island of New Zealand~y!!!!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
More to come just keep a look out friends!!

Peace, Love, and Happiness Everyone!

The Day has Come and Gone….

We had such a wonderful day full of hard work, love, laughter, tears,
and the start to another unforgettable adventure.
Without further ado we present to you….
Pictures in the form of song!

Our Day we share with you…Enjoy!
The Furleighs

What is this about Pre-marriaging?

I am back again for a second time this week with…

More things all coupley:
Almost a whole week after our engagement shoot we spent 8 hours of a Saturday engrossed in Pre-Marriaging!!!
Something cool you soon to be married people/or those of you no where near engaged can keep in your back pocket for the future if you ever end up going down that aisle. (like “going down that road”, get it???) Anyway, the point being we were going to do most of our premarriage things on our own and they are going smoothly but when searching for information on a marriage license I stumbled upon this site where in the Houston area if you take this 8 hour course you get a certificate to waive the 72 hr wait period and for $60 off of your license!!?!?!? And we thought even if this is teeeerrrrrriibbblllleee we can basically get paper married for FREE! So we went in HOPING it would not be too this or too that and it was PERFECT! It was the complete opposite of a stale, stuffy, over rehearsed, book class. They had the most REAL couple leading the discussion for the day. They were well versed in their curriculum and used their own life as examples, the good and the bad, while also having us interact with them, each other, and the group.

The focus for the day was on Communication. Many of the skills learned can be applied in life period but there were a few things we took away that I think were absolutely wonderful when resolving conflict within relationships. Some things we already did but it was nice to have an outside perspective and something with a little bit clearer of a picture  that we can build on things we already do. They did not preach “this is how things are supposed to be done,” there was no shaming or finger pointing but helping by giving tools to use within each unique relationship and perhaps insight into things that may not have been thought about before. Every relationship is different and there is no cookie cutter way for navigating them. One thing that they said, I have known, and cannot say enough is that relationships are WORK and you both must always be investing in it for it to grow and be rewarding for you day after day.

There is so much more detail that I could put into this for you, so if you want to know more about the group class or want to know about the specific tools we learned don’t hesitate to reach out to us we would love to share with you!

Enjoy the rest of your day Pengminions! We look forward to next time.

Peace, love, and happiness,
Kristen Burleigh

PS: Invites are out…don’t forget your RSVP for April 12, 2014!!!!

And we may have worn our custom jerseys ;P


All About the Biggest Little City in the World

Hello Pengminions!!!

So much catching up to do. The Mr. PenGLAP and myself have been settling here in Texas for a bit as we attempt money making and planning for our grand shindig and honeymoon adventures. There is so much still left to do. I have almost finalized my dress maker. I have used to find wonderful wonderful artists to design the perfect steampunk ensemble. More of that later though once more is finalized. Besides….RENO!!!!

We finally made it to Reno back in November. While we were there I got to introduce my fiance to a beautiful place. Never in my life did I imagine my “family” home would be in Reno, NV but somehow it happened and what a glorious place to go and visit my Mom, Dad, and brothers. I fall a little bit more in love with this city every time I visit.
The top thing that this trip was being introduced to a place called The Generator. It is not affiliated with Burning Man but it provides a space for many of those artists to create some of the stories tall structures seen there. Most importantly it is a free space that any artist can use to create whatever their heart desires. It is a place with tools and space. You bring the materials you need to create and they will give you the rest provided they have it. All you have to do is talk to one of the heads at this place and they will work with you night and day (literally, this place is open 24hrs) for you to see your dreams come true. We had a wonderful experience with the people there the couple times we visited. We might even have some of our decorations done there. (I just need to enlist my family members. hint, hint. wink, wink;) They have a laser cutter that we think would be perfect to get gears/accessories cut out of wood to paint. I could go on about this place but you should click on the name of the place above and visit their website. Its FREE! It blows my mind that someone could be so generous to artists trying to make it happen. Alright, gush over!

We spent a lot of time with my family who were still working AND going to school. Everyone in their house was taking college courses which is pretty cool. Maybe one day they will be graduates like me! 😀 They have so many amazing things going on currently that I cannot wait to share with you!
They have also been dealing with a lot which is one of the main reasons we made the journey to Reno. My middle brother was diagnosed with an arteriovenous malformation in his brain. We went with him when he had to have an angiogram with possible surgery at Stanford Medical Center in California. They did not continue with the procedure (embolization) they were planning on after doing the angiogram because they did not think it would be safe to do so. He had a follow up with another doctor from there and now they will be doing cyberknife radiosurgery. He will be having that procedure in the near future and will be on anti-seizure medications with follow up MRI’s twice a year to check the status. I am hoping that it all goes smoothly and he can continue with his studies (he is going to school for engineering) how he would like to and it goes away completely with this procedure because until it is 100% gone he is at risk of a stroke. Any positive thoughts and vibes are most appreciated if you can spare a few. (Not everything in a relationship is peachykeen and it is something we are having to navigate so thank you for reading even the tough stuff)

More things about our adventures in Reno!
We spent some time at the Grand Sierra Resort casino and hotel hitting golf balls into…water!
Yes, it was cold!
We also headed inside for some more family fun competition!
Since everyone had their own things going on some of the time we busied ourselves with some projects of our own.
We finished making our paracord whips (except finishing touches on the handles) so we can practice new skills and hopefully add it to our resume’s in the future. We had a friend start us off on them while in PA but finished them from a website he gave us
Check them out!

Another day we decided to climb a mountain!
This is us about a 1/4 of the way up.
This is our first signs of ice as we ventured up the snow capped mountain!
Snack time with a view
Our crazy faces after we made it to the top! It was such a glorious experience. People get adventurous it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Just getting out and exploring and doing things I had never done before.

One other day we went for a bike ride near the river with my mom and got distracted by this buck and deer couple laying in the grass right behind someone’s house. Unfortunately we didn’t bring our phones so we could not capture this moment for you all but it was quite majestic being so close and to watch them watching us and how close we were.
If you are in need of a movie recommendation we went to a late showing of Catching Fire and it was fantastic! Richard had just finished reading the book and was a bit more critical than I was because it had been years since I had read the books though he still thought positively about it for the most part.

Two of my brothers, one girlfriend, the fiance, and I all went ice skating the night before our Thanksgiving adventures. Surprisingly the outdoor rink downtown was open because it had not been getting to freezing the few days before. Also, Luckily no one fell which I find to be a miraculous feat but we did have a few close calls!
Here’s a dark picture because it was night time.
On an early Thanksgiving morning the kids took off to a lake in California and spend part of the day fishing!
When we got back we had the best food, Fried crawfish, Steak, and my mommas Delicious potato salad (seriously the best thing!)


A couple days later we all gathered for a family adventure out to LAKE TAHOE! I was so excited to take Richard.
We spent the day driving around the lake taking pit stops at some of our favorite locations.Image
Man I could gush about this place but nothing I say nor any picture I post can show you what you see or give you the feels like being there does. I will share with you anyway a slew of photos from this day. Enjoy!
My mom and dad! ❤ this photo
An Island with a tiny castle in Lake Tahoe.
Natural Beauty.
Mom & I
Alright, Alright I’m done bombarding you with the wondrous Lake Tahoe. There is just so much to do there pretty much year round. It is located in the mountains and during the summer has all the water fun you could want, camping, hiking, fishing, ect. And during the winter (we were there during the limbo period where it isn’t quite snowy enough yet and definitely not warm lol) they have skiing, snowboarding, sledding, ect. Anytime of year you can find something to do if you can pull yourself out of awe to do anything else but stare at it’s magnificence.

The following day we went on down to Virginia City, NV an old gold mining town that his been kept fairly well in its original state.
We had so much fun walking around with my brother and his girlfriend looking at all the antique shops and seeing people dressed up and riding horses. We went and got some great steampunk ideas while we were there too.
It was very merry!
Once night hit we went exploring an old cemetery that many of the initial settlers to this town were buried. It was a little eerie but also mind stimulating to read the tombstones and try to come up with what could have happened and stories surrounding.

Oh and I cannot forget before we did depart from the adventure filled Reno we went sledding with my dad on a hill right behind their place!
Obviously Richard had the camera!
(This reminds me one day we are going to have to post an outtakes album with videos and pictures, something for you all to look forward to)

Here is Richard scraping off our windshield as we are to depart our family visit vacation!

Thank you Pengminions for hanging in there with me and checking out our Reno adventure!
We cannot wait to have more for you as our soiree plans get going. There is one more catch up blog we have for you guys and it is our trip BACK to Texas. Worry not we are getting closer and closer to the present. Ha and it will be merry like x~mas because x~mas = presents and it will be merry when we finally catch up! Ok, ok cheesy I know. Hopefully it is part of why you are following our journey.
Til next time.
Much love,

Hello There! ;)


I am super excited. (I: being me, Kristen, the she of the penguin couple.) Alright now that that is out of the way….
I have soooo much to share with you all. Man, would I love to post shorter blogs much more frequently. (Your encouragement would be greatly appreciated).

So to back track a little bit… About 3 and a half weeks ago the two of us set off on a road trip. Leaving behind our beloved PARenFaire and wonderful friends. As we left the state of Pennsylvania we beat the snow as we headed for our first stop on our Grand Cross Country Adventure, Chicago, but when we got there we caught the first of it’s cold weather of the season. That being the case I was reminded of why the Windy City just might not be for me (it’s cold + Windy = 😥 Kristen face). We spent the next couple days with one of our Favorite Chicago couples, who most graciously invited us into their home. We used some of the time in the City to head to our storage unit and exchange/pick up some things we thought would be most useful to us with the upcoming Soiree in Texas. It did not take us nearly as long as I had thought it would considering how tetris like the storage and our lime kia soul (Hamlet) was packed. We also went to visit one of my favorite Chi~town places and former place of employment, The Second City, where I was able to catch up with more friendly faces and see the FREE improv set that the cast does every night (except fridays) after the paid show performance (great spontaneous after dinner date, js). Too soon it seemed we left the City of our first home together headed West bound.
My family lives there and we had some important things to be there for also some major hanging out to do!
The drive was a loooong one:
We didn’t really have a set plan but just to drive, switch drivers, sleep, repeat. Except for Salt Lake City. Stopping there was a must since I – 80 takes us right beside The Great Salt Lake but it was also 20 hours away from Chicago. After making good headway about 14 hrs of driving and stops for gas and leg stretching we stopped at a busy truck stop in Nebraska (which along with Iowa are written off as been there, done that states and have no interest in going again…there was NOTHING!) to try and sleep the worst hours of the night for driving (between 1am and 6am) together and get to moving again right before daylight. Unfortunately, it was much colder than anticipated and after about 2 and a half hours I got too antsy in the space and just could not sleep anymore. We decided to just keep trekking along after about another hour that we used to get out of the car, browse around the gas station, and just regroup, wake up, and refresh ourselves for the next half of this leg.
This was our sunrise from that morning
Once we got into Wyoming there was much more to see as we drove.
It was our first encounter with mountains this trip and that was just the beginning! 😀
In a timely fashion we made it to the Great Salt Lake and of course that was our first stop! Image
Maybe later I will post a video of my encounter there 😉 Yay things to look forward to!!!
Then we made our way to the cheaply priced hotel we found for around $60: King size bed, free WiFi, breakfast, and hot tub!
We enjoyed a lovely dinner at Outback Steakhouse that we used a gift card to cheap that meal. On both sides of our booth there were interesting things happening. A woman dishing out her drama filled life story on what seemed to be a first~ish or so date behind Richard and a cute lil blonde boy that ended up starting a conversation with me over the seats.
On a large, comfy bed we hit the lights and rested up for what was luckily only a 7 hr drive + a must stop pit stop
The BONNEVILLE SALT FLATS! (they race really fast cars here)

and then on to our next, for a while destination, RENO!
To be continued……. my Pengminion friends!

Sooo much love to you all ❤
Kristen <(“)