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We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions about our blog or have something cool to tell us (because penguins live in the cold! haha!) feel free to leave a reply below with a little note for the Furleigh’s! Love you guys a ton! Look forward to your comments =)


2 thoughts on “Sign our Guestbook

  1. Kristen! It’s been so long! I just wanted to say that you and your fiance are so awesome! Not only are y’all both entertaining and romantic, but you’re also an inspiration for others that hope for a fun, long-lasting relationship. I wish you both the best. Can’t wait to see pictures of your wedding 🙂 –Elena Kees (remember little me?)

    • Of course I do. I sure do miss Ballet Folklorico sometimes. I poke around on Facebook every now and then and I see you are attending my Alma mater. 😀 I hope you are enjoying it! Thanks a ton Elena. Share our story with others if you wish. We will definitely share tons of pictures when the date comes around. Thanks for reading girlyoh!
      Lady ‘future’ Furleigh

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