The “selfie” generation

by Richard Furleigh

If you don’t laugh at Kristen’s snapchat filter of George you’re sense of humor has died, but I digress…

Having visited London and Rome this past summer Kristen and I spent quite a while inside some of the most spectacular museums this planet has to offer. From the British National Gallery, British Museum, Pompeii, the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, and St. Paul’s Cathedral we were astounded and surrounded by some of the most exquisite pieces imaginable from many millennia of history. As the hours inside these various establishments accumulated though we began to notice certain things, and information given to us shed light on a similar modern thing: the selfie.

If, by some miracle, or lack of reading any recent news articles, you may not be aware that my generation gets blamed for a lot pretty much everything. One of the things that comes up time and time again is that we are entitled, vain, and selfish. Talking heads point over and over to the use of social media and the pictures we post of ourselves at different places, or the use of filters to look better as examples of this vanity. Yet look at the British National Portrait Gallery, this is one of Britain’s larger museums that is essentially filled with nothing BUT selfies. Yes I know they are “classic paintings showing the most important people in history” but why did they have them painted in the first place? Historically there were very few if any painters who just roamed the countryside waiting for important events to happen and then swoop in to paint those who were involved. No, it was because through history people (and when I say “people” read those with the wealth and power to make it happen) commissioned artists to paint their likeness, in some cases, just to show just how rich and powerful they were.

While in Rome we also learned what I thought was one of the most fascinating facts about sculptures I have ever heard. Many sculptures smoothed out harsh features or did away with others that were socially disliked to make the subject look better. Photoshoping apparently started in the 700’s BCE… Yet no one wants to look at these facts when demonizing us for being socially engaged.

As with almost everything else, the progression of technology brought us cameras which put photography within grasp of more and more people until here I am with a very high quality digital camera on my phone. The ease and the ability to capture a picture takes almost no effort and costs nothing compared to the days and thousands of dollars classical paintings took. Paintings pale still to the months and even more thousands a sculpture took to make. Why not take advantage of the modern age and share with my friends and family our latest adventures? Why point to the guy taking selfies as dumb and into himself? This is nothing humans for thousands of years haven’t already done, they just weren’t capable of mass producing them. I mean, if we’re being honest, even the pyramids, while fascinating now, were essentially big exclamations of “I’M SO IMPORTANT LOOK AT THIS!”

I hope I’ve at least shed some historical light on self portraits, digital and otherwise, so that we can all look at them a little differently rather than with such a negative overtone. If you get the chance though go check out any of the museums we were able to visit on our summer travels, and spend some real time in there exploring. I promise it will be worth it. Until next time Pengminions!

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Active Life Choices Are The Key To Making Changes In Your Life

by Richard Furleigh

Conversations with different important people in my life combined with my own recent frustrations with not feeling like I’m creating as much as I want have led me to a deep reaffirmation of the following: anything you want to do has to start with an active choice.

When I say an active choice I do literally mean something that is an action (or lack thereof) in your life. Putting on your shoes and walking around the block, eating a carrot instead of chips, not buying that new game that just came out, putting pigment on that brush and applying it to the canvas. As long as it is something that physically moves you toward your final objective that is the crucial first step. It shows that it isn’t impossible to start, that accomplishing small tasks as part of the whole is do able, and even if it’s as small as going on that walk to start your diet you can point to it and say “I did that, and I can do this”

Recently I’ve been struggling with feeling like my time has constricted itself to the point that I have no time to be creative, to really create new content and art that I feel is important. So I’ve made two changes that I know will help me. First I’ve looked at other things that I have done this semester. I may not have made any “art” per say, //

A silly little thing I made, I call it “Penguin Execution”

but I have broadened my horizons with blogging, and making the couple videos for other classes. These are still very valuable skills to have in creative creation and framing that in that way has helped me feel a little better about it. Second I’ve decided that I will begin writing or editing a piece once a week for a minimum of 30 minutes without interruption, which means no cell phone! This is my actionable goal, and honestly I have to stick with it, just to get things down. I’ve told myself I’m not shooting for Shakespeare here, just getting words on the page is important because especially in the creative process sometimes you don’t know what you’re putting down is good until after it’s already there. I could also just write utter crap, but that could be the crap that spurs the golden thought, or the groundwork for a great scene after editing it. Honestly it doesn’t matter, just getting something done to progress my goal is the key to get things going.

When it comes to life and our choices it really does boil down to “if you always put in what you’ve always put in you’ll get in return what you’ve always gotten.” If you want to change something about your life then find one thing, it doesn’t even matter how small, and start there. Maybe you’re trying to write the next big movie script but can’t seem to get past character and world development. Cool, just writing even one line of dialogue a day is a start. The key here is to make a change that echoes across your life, to pull the trigger on something that is actionable to you.
So what is it that you have been putting off because it seems too daunting? What is that thing that you know you should do but just haven’t got around to it yet? Well, this is the time to do it. I’m not asking you to plan every tiny detail, but get a rough idea on where you want to go and start with one item. One task that will move you in the right direction. Once your done with that one, make another, and another, and…. But for now, just one, small, task, to finish is all you need. If someone needs a little advice, help them out, share this with them and offer to help them be accountable for their task. We can help each other grow and learn too. Until next time Pengminions!

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Don’t Dread the Pre-Owned Wedding Dress

Wedding dress shopping is a little girl’s dream! That dream quickly becomes dread when reality hits and we go in and see the price tag associated with many of those dresses: Hundreds or even thousands of dollars. In most cases this is a one day event and the million dollar dress will be hung up for all eternity. For a big day your big dress doesn’t have to have a big price tag. There are a plethora of options that can help you save HUGE on a gorgeous gown for your big day.

We often look down on the used dress but let’s think about that for a minute. Often we rationalize buying an expensive gown because we think we will pass it down to our children one day. First, how frequently does that actually happen? And, second, isn’t that a used dress? Yes, there is a different connotation there but even so, it is not new. Let’s not knock it before we try it…on, at a price more pleasurable to our pocket books.

There are many sites online or boutiques/thrift stores that you can scour for the dress of your dreams. The “dress styles of the year” are designed by bridal magazines and the wedding industry to fool brides into thinking they have to purchase a brand new dress that matches the current trendy styles. Don’t buy into the consumerist mentality. Go out and choose a dress that suits you.


My advice is to go to try on many different dress styles to find the one that makes your heart sing and then go and scour those used dress websites or thrift and boutique stores to find the one that works for you at a fraction of the  brand new dress price. Even with alterations included you will come out way ahead.

It may take some self talk, but buying a used dress as opposed to a new dress will bring life once more to a dress that is meant to shine and not hide out in someones closet forever. Take a leap, go try on a used dress to get the feel of it, and you just might fall in love! What are some other places you have found to look for wedding dresses that don’t cost an arm and a leg? What are your thoughts on used wedding dresses? Let us know what you think in the comments below. We look forward to the discussion. Til next time Pengminions!

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“It’s often foolish pride that tells us we’re not wrong” – What If I Was Nothing? by All That Remains (one of my favorite hard rock love songs, who says headbangers can’t have feelings too?!)

When it comes to relationships I feel pretty confident in saying that this one thing more than almost anything else is the killer. Yes your ex’s of the past may have been slobs, or didn’t show they cared, or were too controlling, or any other slew of problems. But, peel back the layers however and I’m willing to say that a lack of true consideration for the other person stemming from an inflated sense of ego is at the root of it all. Even in my relationship with Kristen, which I think we work pretty well together most of the time, I see the telltale signs on both ends of arguments.

Acknowledging this lurking monster has been one of the greatest challenges of my adult life. Looking back I can see how this one thing has torpedoed past relationships with people, and strained others with family and friends. So what exactly have I been doing and how can it maybe help you?

  • For starters it helps to try to keep a level head before the real argument even starts, once things begin to go red it’s too late. Understanding that in most cases the other person isn’t genuinely trying to be mean, it’s just a matter of how you’re interpreting the situation that is leading you down this path. Back up a little bit and try to understand where they are coming from.
  • If you find yourself getting agitated during a conversation ask yourself why is it that you feel that way? Exploring the rationale behind your emotions is a powerful tool to not only understanding the situation better but understanding yourself.
  • Learning to take criticism (even about small things) is pivotal. People don’t like feeling like they’re nagging, but if something is out of place or unclean there is then good reason to bring it up. General cleanliness can make items easier to find for future use, and can lend to a general sense of well-being. Not helping the other person feel good about their living situation is selfish to say the least.
  • On the flip side of that one, learn to let some small things go. Not every blanket, shoe, and cup has to be put back 100% of the time. Much in the same way that letting go of your ego about not needing to “keep everything perfect” isn’t helpful; insisting that everything be in it’s perfect little place isn’t either  and can be just as selfish. Balance is sometimes found in the grey areas.

These are only a few of the tools I’ve employed, but much of it comes down to self monitoring. That in itself is another crucial tool for life but here it has such a profound impact, if you are honest with yourself and allow yourself to grow out of it.

The next time you find yourself approaching argument territory in life pause for a moment and ask yourself why? If you’re honest I bet you’ll find a completely different way to navigate the situation in a much more positive way! If you have any other tips feel free to leave them below! Until next time Pengminions.

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Your Wedding Day is YOUR Wedding Day

Your wedding day should be just that, YOUR, wedding day. A day for you and your future spouse to celebrate however you deem appropriate. Your day is NOT to please other people. In my opinion it should be a reflection of your love for each other and what you value. Not what your parents, your future in-laws, you other family, your friends, or anyone else believes it should be.

My #1 piece of advice for you is to set your ground rules or share your plans early on in the process. Let those involved know how you feel and what your plans are, especially if you know that their opinions about your wedding day differ from what you plan to do. This helps to alleviate some of the potential blow ups during the process. Not to say that family or friends might not get upset but they should understand that it is your wedding and not theirs; you are inviting them to celebrate your union in a way that represents the two of you. They need to support and respect that. You also want to avoid surprises in the process especially “on the day of” revelations if at all possible. Luckily they don’t all end in disaster but heading them off ahead of time can save you a potential catastrophe.

Richard and I chose an extremely nontraditional route and it took us some time to figure out what exactly we wanted to do. We ended up having what we called a “Soiree” as our reception where we dressed up in fancy steampunk garb and celebrated our coming commitment to one another with family and friends, as a send off of sorts. This was on a Saturday and on Sunday, the 13th of April, we celebrate our anniversary and the day we chose as our commitment day. Spring forward 2 months and that is when we finally got around to filling out paperwork and having an officiant sign our licence for the silly government.

What is usually the ceremony part, our commitment day, was about us and no one else. We felt that at the end of the day no one comes home with us to make our marriage work and we wanted that to be our private event. Yes, family and friends are important and they influence our lives but they don’t live our life and so that is why we chose the reception as a way to include them in our union.

What did you do or are you planning to do that is a little or a lot out of the ordinary? Let us know in the comments section below. Next, we will take you on our journey of how we only spent about $4,000 for our whole shindig! Til next time Pengminions!

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What’s in a Name?

The origin story of Furleigh
-Kristen Furleigh

Growing up I didn’t give much thought to names. I had a name that I was given at birth that I just knew to be mine. For me it became a part of who I am. When I got to my teens I was finally truly aware of the reality for most women when they get married; their name changes. You become Mrs. name of husband. Why?

I’m sure that somewhere along the way I found out that not all women change their name when they get married but I am not sure when this exact moment was. I do remember asking my parents about their name change. My mom, like most women, took my dad’s last name. However I was shocked to find out my dad had actually wanted to take my mom’s last name but she wanted to take his and they ended up going the more traditional route. This got my wheels turning.

It was decided not long after, “When I get married I’m keeping my last name!”  And that was that, I thought. Come to find out my declaration was wrong yet in a way that I would have never imagined. When I did end up getting married we did something that no one we had ever met had done. We got creative and created a brand new last name! I know we aren’t the first in the world, but it was a pretty radical idea in conservative Texas where we grew up.

When it came time to make some marriage decisions Richard was completely OK with me keeping my last name and him keeping his, but something just didn’t sit right with me about having different last names even though for the longest time that is what I had wanted. So my wheels started spinning once again. At one point I ended up experimenting with different ways to smush together our last names that didn’t require hyphenating. I’m sure there was inspiration from somewhere that I just can’t recall. The idea simply fascinated me. Creating a new last name by blending together our old ones made sense to me. It is part his, part mine, and wholly ours. We are creating this new family where one is no more important than the other. Where two come together; not one to the other. It just made sense. It just fit. The hard part came next.

Convincing the other half to get on board with the name change. It took some time and soul searching and he finally came around to the idea. Change is no easy thing to do, so to make a decision that was something you had never thought of, much less seen done, can be unnerving at first. Over time he too found the significance in Furin + Burleigh = Furleigh!

In art, I believe strongly in the idea that we are not original. We get inspired by something or someone else and end up co-creating and modifying what we know to produce our creative works. In life and business we have got to be open to the influence of others to better serve them and ourselves. This idea of co-creation is extremely important. For Richard and I, our name, for us, is a symbol of that. It took thinking a bit differently about names and some influence, for me from my parents, to think that just because it’s been done a certain way for so long doesn’t mean that I have to do it that way too. If something doesn’t mean the same thing to you as those before you then that is your key to start your wheels turning as well!

What is your creative alternative to tradition and what does it mean to you? We would love to hear your story. Share it with us below! Have any questions for us, ASK! Thanks for reading. Til next time Pengminions.

It’s Blog Writing Weather

We are out of school, the snow is falling and unless you are playing in it there is no reason anyone would want to leave the house. All in all this means it is time to sit in front of the computer and fill in some missing adventures here for you all.

The Mrs. Penguin here. As we waddled through our first year here in Reno we did a lot and we didn’t do a lot. We got settled into a cheap apartment with our cute lil fur animals Jane and Oliver. Nothing fancy but it is big and we have our own washer and dryer. YAY No laundry trips! First things first we came here with the idea of of going back to school for our MBAs. We finally decided a campus program as opposed to an online program would be the best fit for us. A little over a month of busting ass and having it handed back to us via math we had not seen in years we passed our GRE and applied to The University of Nevada – Reno. As our first semester is already in the books with A’s all around you can see we obviously got in.
DSC_0202 (2).jpg

We spent some time traveling but we will go into detail about those in their own post.
Seattle, Yellowstone, The Red Woods, Lava Caves, and West Coast adventures will be making their way to your eyes soon.

We spent a lot of time planning/researching these trips and once school started we did nothing else!
Our first semester was a bit of a tough transition even for a part time program. One of our classes was Statistics and we both had zero previous experience making it a challenging course. We learned A LOT and even got a bit creative with our final project. We chose to do statistics on Racial/Gender inequality in Hollywood and even brought popcorn for the class to help set the stage for our presentation.

During the semester we went to an information session about study abroad opportunities through the College of Business that would count towards credit hours for our MBA. Guess who decided that 9 hours (3 classes) of graduate credit would be spent traveling…These penguins!

This summer we are looking forward to one of the cheaper options, NYC. Yes, it is not exactly abroad but it is the complete opposite side of the country so that’s kind of abroad. The course work for the NYC trip is exceptionally exciting because it integrates the humanities with management science where we will be attending plays, visiting museums and galleries as part of our course work. As theatre undergrads we are stoked to learn how our passion can be used in conjunction with our Master’s degree pursuit.

We will be back very soon with our travels from 2015! Then 2016 Adventures commence Weeee!

Thanks Pengminions
~Lady F

We’ve been gone for a while, but we were working on this!

A lot of time has gone by since our last post, but we’ve still been working hard! Setting up our production and photography pages on Facebook, as well as getting our first video shot and edited (huge thanks to Kristen for learning some new skills really fast)!

Check it out below and let us know what your favorite #likeatrump -ism is from the Don!

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Middle Earth: The Land of Hobbitses! (Pt 4) The Final Chapter


This has been a CRAzY year! Do not fear we shall not end it without the final installment of New Zealand adventures 😀

Now where did we leave off…

Oh yeah…We left off with Wine day in Christchurch…

Now we shuffle on down to Dunedin:

sealsWhere we met lots of SEALS!!!!!!
a1 a2 a3 DSC_0808a4
We also stopped at Tunnel Beach
Where the waves have carved an arch in the rock
It was a long walk down through private land

We made it down and found a tunnel to the beach

DSC_08702 DSC_08772DSC_08742
A majestic land
DSC_08912 DSC_08972
Waves crashing
Hand standing in the sand
A view of the beach from the top of the arch
The tide was coming in while we were down there and my shoes got soaked!
When we were on the edge at the far side of the arch we could feel the waves crashing into the rock!!!
We stayed in a bungalow and Richard did his fair share of creeping
On a rainy day in Dunedin we took a tour of the Cadbury Chocolate Factory.
They even gave us special newlywed chocolates!
We then spent time looking for penguins
20140508_152647 20140508_153157

Called lover’s leap
On our first attempt we only found wilderness and beaches til one night….DSC_0950222
We ended up seeing 32 lil blue PENGUINS!DSC_00152
These lil blue penguins are the smallest of all penguins getting no bigger than 13 in.DSC_00172
As they approach their nests they are very, VERY loud.
20140509_082433_Richtone(HDR) 20140509_101830
After Dunedin we started a day trip through The Catlins.
A lil green caterpillar caught a ride and we saw a rainbow
20140509_123330 20140509_123410
We stopped by the Lost Gypsy Gallery but they were closed for the season 😦
DSC_0001 (2)
We also found Teapot World!
Then we went and found beautiful Waterfalls:
These alluring falls behind me are the Purakaunui Falls
DSC_00512 DSC_00572
These are the Matai Falls!
While we were there we wanted to take a picture that ended up a bigger adventure:
What are we looking at?
I was keeping an eye on it…
He looks like he is up to something….
That is a boiled egg!
He is on his way to fetch the boiled egg I dropped trying to take silly pictures…
He’s not happy about this…
its in the fall water 😀
The water must be COLD
Hurray for long arms!
HAHAHAHA I’ll let you guess what he was saying
DSC_00772     DSC_00992 DSC_01112
I even found a vine swing that held my weight!
DSC_01222 DSC_01422 DSC_01462 DSC_01532
We had some fun on all these trails in the Catlins
This is the only picture of Curio Bay….It took Richard a loooong time to finally spot the dolphins (you probably cannot 😦 see them in this picture) that live there. We heard multiple stories from locals how if you are swimming in the water they will come up to you. They are hector’s dolphins. They kinda look like baby killer whales and are the smallest (at about 1.4m) and rarest dolphins.
Richard’s first look at Lake Wakatipu that feeds Queenstown’s local water supply. It is the longest and third largest lake in NZ.
Breathtaking views as we made it into Queenstown.
Our first stop was up the skyline
Where we took pictures that made us look photo-shopped.
We even had Wall-E join us
Look at that blue water and snow capped mountains!
This was made completely out of jelly beans

While we were above the city we went luge riding! SO MUCH FUN
Hot chocolate and latte during our break between runs

Our second day was spent on an all day trip through Milford Sound:
DSC_02382 DSC_02442
I don’t know what he was laughing at but I love this picture.
DSC_02552 DSC_02722 DSC_02772
We stopped at Monkey Creek and filled our water bottles
The fast water created these phenomenal natural wonders in the rock
DSC_03102 DSC_03212
This is our boat we took into the sound
There were many falls along the mountains
The end of Milford Sound (It is actually a fjord) and into the Ocean
DSC_03662 DSC_03932
This photo is of an actual fault line!
Breathtaking views from the boat
DSC_04312 DSC_04372
The boat even made its way under a waterfall!
DSC_04742 DSC_04782
One day we went on an EXTREME Canyon Swing.
This is actually where it all took place.
*trying to remember to breathe*
Later that day we spent some time in quaint Arrowtown
Where Richard was required to wait outside
Except when we went in for a spot of the worlds best Earl Grey tea at the old
Postmaster’s cottage in town!
To end our day we took a picturesque hiking trail with… bluebonnets? lol

Our very last day consisted of a survival hike guided by Pete of You vs Wild
We ended up at this very old cottage that you can actually rent out from the department of conservation in NZ.
Pete was the absolute BEST!!!
20140513_202534 20140513_215621
On our last night we went to a pub where a duo who had been playing on the street earlier that day just so happened to be performing. I bought both of their cd’s. The were extraordinary! Phil & Tilley. One plays guitar while the other plays double bass. *MELT*


And to end our journey:
A sneak peak of our last night’s stay
Honeymoon Suite in Queenstown
DSC_05372 DSC_05422
The view from our first flight’s window
And the icing on Richard’s cake…We took Smaug as our ride home to the US!

And that my friends is where THAT journey ends!
Our glorious honeymoon. I cannot wait to go back and only have the tingling kind of feelings as I type and post pictures for you all to see.
Fear not our adventures have continued pengminions and we are excited to share them with you…
Til next time
Some words to live by:
we each have our own.
don’t fear it, live it!
❤ PengFurleighs

Middle Earth: The Land of Hobbitses (pt 3)

We have returned with segment 3 of our New Zealand Adventure!
This time we thought we might shake things up a bit so…
Scroll down to the bottom and start reading from the bottom up!

DSC_0800 DSC_0795 DSC_0784and the vineyards quaint!
To sum up our time in Christchurch and the vineyards would only be cheapened by any more words so with these last photos we will leave you. Til next time pengminions! Enjoy your day and the life you have been given because it is the only one you have got.
So much love, The FurleighsDSC_0779The landscape was marvelous DSC_0774 DSC_0773The Mr & Mrs on a fancy wine tour!DSC_0772
And no New Zealand adventure is complete without a wine tour
while you are in wine country!
DSC_0695We found a steampunk coffee shop!
DSC_0690DSC_0683The moa!
DSC_0703DSC_0756Taking a break and taking it all in!DSC_0730 DSC_0723My handsome husband rower! DSC_0703 DSC_0670We decided to give the river a try!DSC_0665 DSC_0658The garden’s fountain is gorgeous!DSC_0650I love this little row boat/punting place on the Avon river. DSC_0645This is Bob the tour guide. He really enjoys his city even
though it is going through a tough time.DSC_0641In front of a lil churchDSC_0639 DSC_0631
In the middle of town enjoying our walk with the Bobs.
Fellow traveler Bob insisted on taking our picture. 🙂DSC_0628Oh the art!

DSC_0623Richard with our tour guide and fellow traveler, Bob.
Both of them. They were both named Bob.DSC_0620They had some beautiful building muralsDSC_0618a few photos of the destructionDSC_0611 DSC_0609New Zealand is pretty awesome. The first country to grant women the right to vote!!!DSC_0608We took a walking tour of the city and discovered some of the devastation of the earthquake from 2012.DSC_0603 DSC_0598Walked by an old all boy’s school and found the Theatre!DSC_0596And fall in love with a tree!DSC_0588 DSC_0571Where I couldn’t help but take ALL THE PICTURES!!!DSC_0558 DSC_0547 DSC_0540 DSC_0539Taking time to smell the rosesDSC_0530 DSC_0517 DSC_0513 DSC_0512 - CopyWhere we spent sometime in the beautiful rose garden there.DSC_0504 DSC_0480And then we made it to lovely Christchurch!DSC_0474Maybe even recreating our own scenes from the movie!
DSC_0471and climbing around on boulders in those landscapes!DSC_0465 DSC_0454Making our way to some Lord of the Rings landscapesDSC_0442Even explore inside a bitDSC_0439Discover a cave!DSC_0421Even “catch” them in our hands 😀DSC_0408Took some time to gaze at some magnificent water fallsDSC_0399 DSC_0382On this leg of the adventure we spent some time in Arthur’s Pass.DSC_0351We found 4 total at a random car park view point. They have such personality (Pretty cheeky, my kinda animal 😉 DSC_0337 DSC_0313
Ahh my favorite animal in all of New Zealand, the kea! The only alpine parrot! Read about them 🙂DSC_0298 DSC_0294The next day we saw something I had never seen before…a MAJOR HIGHWAY with a HERD OF COWS just walking along IN THE ROAD!
I’m from Texas and have never seen this…what is up with NZ!!?!?!

DSC_0279Here just livin life on the edge! DSC_0270He was just taking in the view before we headed off into the sunset!DSC_0267 DSC_0264 DSC_0260 DSC_0253 DSC_0250 DSC_0234 DSC_0230 DSC_0225Found this lil guy just 2 mins down the road from the
pancake rocks and blowholes at the start of a cave!DSC_0201 DSC_0148 DSC_0147 DSC_0146 DSC_0144 DSC_0143 DSC_0131 DSC_0129Making faces and enjoying the viewDSC_0121DSC_0116 DSC_0115 DSC_0114These formations have created many blowholes!DSC_0104 DSC_0098 DSC_0094 DSC_0090Natural rock formations preserved by the DOC of New Zealand. I love how they work so hard to keep/restore the country’s habitats.DSC_0086 DSC_0085 DSC_0081 DSC_0077Our first glimpse of pancake rocks!DSC_0074A random beach stop on our way south.
It was a restroom stop…breathtaking!!DSC_0070
Whew we made it back alive!DSC_0068 DSC_0067 DSC_0064 DSC_0058 DSC_0051The beautiful viewsDSC_0050 DSC_0049From the top you can see forever into the seaDSC_0045 DSC_0041 DSC_0032 DSC_0030This one is a little better lolDSC_0029
Neither one of us could control our horses.DSC_0026HE ONLY WANTED GRASSDSC_0024We rode through fields of sheep. They ran!DSC_0019 DSC_0017 DSC_0014Trekked about through waterDSC_0009 DSC_0007 - CopyHeading out to tower above Cape FarewellDSC_0005At the back of the pack THE WHOLE TREK. My horse just wanted to eat grass. 😀 DSC_0004This is my horse. He listened the best…NOT.
Before the ride and before assignments of horses I had made a comment about how this specific horse was spooked by the helicopter from below and how going up a mountain I hoped he wouldn’t be mine. Thank you UNIVERSE!DSC_0002This is me on a horse.DSC_0001Above is a picture before we went out horseback riding (someone was private helicoptered up to join our group)
Now that you have made it here.