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United failed the “Social” test

by Richard Furleigh The era of social once again shows us just how swiftly information spreads, especially when it involves one of America's least liked industries; airlines. At approx 7:30 last night a video showing United personnel forcibly removing a passenger was posted online, and in a little over 12 hours is trending on every… Continue reading United failed the “Social” test

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When will big business learn about the Social age?

by Richard Furleigh Working in such a large company I often find myself discussing with others in similar positions about our respective companies and the various issues they have. Time and time again it boggles my mind the extent to with which some of these companies operate under such antiquated practices in terms of customer… Continue reading When will big business learn about the Social age?

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Drinking life in, creatively

by Richard Furleigh We're always on the lookout for other people who live life creatively (is this you? We'd love to chat!) and sometimes you just happen to stumble on people who are doing that in a way that completely resonates with us. One such person is Joshua Nichols, the driving force behind Branded Hearts… Continue reading Drinking life in, creatively