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Why Kristen and I Almost Didn’t Get Married (For a Good Reason)

by Richard Furleigh The decision to get married is a big one; one of the biggest of your life. The decision to spend the rest of your life with one person is daunting to say the least. Now, Kristen and I love each other (a lot) but when talking about the rest of our lives… Continue reading Why Kristen and I Almost Didn’t Get Married (For a Good Reason)

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“It's often foolish pride that tells us we're not wrong” - What If I Was Nothing? by All That Remains (one of my favorite hard rock love songs, who says headbangers can’t have feelings too?!) When it comes to relationships I feel pretty confident in saying that this one thing more than almost anything else… Continue reading Hubris

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Our Anniversary Wine

by Richard Furleigh New Zealand. It's kinda an awesome place that we may or may not have gone to on our honeymoon three years ago. Pssst, we totally did. One thing the country is know for is it's wine. Pictured is us at Greystone, one of the many excellent vineyards on the southern island. Our time… Continue reading Our Anniversary Wine

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Experiences are the Best Gifts

~Kristen Furleigh The best gift you can give some one is your time. Rather than spending your hard earned money on things that in most cases only offer short term fulfillment why not think differently next time a holiday or birthday come around. We as people remember most the experiences we had and the people… Continue reading Experiences are the Best Gifts

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Finding Furleigh: It’s more than a blog!

~Kristen Furleigh In my previous blog I talked about Furleigh and how it came about. Since changing our name, which if you would like to learn about our process in changing our name please message us we would be glad to share with you, it has been an interesting journey. Come to find out taking… Continue reading Finding Furleigh: It’s more than a blog!

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Middle Earth: The Land of Hobbitses! (Pt 4) The Final Chapter

Pengminions!!!! This has been a CRAzY year! Do not fear we shall not end it without the final installment of New Zealand adventures 😀 Now where did we leave off... Oh yeah...We left off with Wine day in Christchurch... Now we shuffle on down to Dunedin: Where we met lots of SEALS!!!!!! We also stopped… Continue reading Middle Earth: The Land of Hobbitses! (Pt 4) The Final Chapter

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Hiatus….No More!

Pengminions! We are back...again! It seems we had fallen off the face of the earth but in truth that is not true. In fact we had fallen into a deep, dark routine of work. Our serving job had us working some variation of overtime each week at a nice lil tex-mex place in La Porte, … Continue reading Hiatus….No More!