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We are going to stop recycling

By: Richard & Kristen Furleigh More accurately, we are going to stop recycling to save the environment! In Reno, it’s a well-known secret that Waste Management doesn’t always process our recycling properly. It gets mixed in with regular garbage, not collected/sorted improperly, etc… Recent information by Dr. Thomas Kinnaman, an environmental economist at Bucknell… Continue reading We are going to stop recycling

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Getting To Know The Dead

by Richard Furleigh “There’s two types of people in my life, those who I knew before Alyssa passed away, and those who never knew her.” - Kenneth Burleigh, father-in-law Sadly, I fall into that second category. For those of you who may not know, Kristen had a sister, Alyssa. The car accident that took her… Continue reading Getting To Know The Dead

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YOU Can Be the Key to Innovation

It is not always easy to be different but it is important to embrace your different. No one has your exact story or your experiences in life. You should bring those with you on any project or any job that you do. You have a unique story so don't forget to utilize your differences to… Continue reading YOU Can Be the Key to Innovation

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Let’s talk internet security

-by Richard Furleigh We interrupt your regularly scheduled Furleigh post for breaking news that may help our friends and those out there in the internet world. We want your online presence secured so I felt this important to share. It could just be me, but if your Facebook feed looks anything like mine you may… Continue reading Let’s talk internet security

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Finding Furleigh: It’s more than a blog!

~Kristen Furleigh In my previous blog I talked about Furleigh and how it came about. Since changing our name, which if you would like to learn about our process in changing our name please message us we would be glad to share with you, it has been an interesting journey. Come to find out taking… Continue reading Finding Furleigh: It’s more than a blog!

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Hiatus….No More!

Pengminions! We are back...again! It seems we had fallen off the face of the earth but in truth that is not true. In fact we had fallen into a deep, dark routine of work. Our serving job had us working some variation of overtime each week at a nice lil tex-mex place in La Porte, … Continue reading Hiatus….No More!