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Double Feature Road Trip – Highway 50 & 375 – Nevada

When it comes to road trips, Richard and I are a little bit....ambitious! Some might say we are crazy but I don't think we are quite there, yet! I'll let you be the judge, though. Whenever we have a few days off together we try to capitalize on the opportunity to head out on another… Continue reading Double Feature Road Trip – Highway 50 & 375 – Nevada

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Buying our Subi: Tumbleweed

By: Richard Furleigh “Buying a car is fun!!” - no one ever When searching for our latest vehicle here in Reno we began with not a list of vehicles, but with a list of things we wanted out of our vehicle and the whole time we were focused on making the car buying experience work… Continue reading Buying our Subi: Tumbleweed

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Hiatus….No More!

Pengminions! We are back...again! It seems we had fallen off the face of the earth but in truth that is not true. In fact we had fallen into a deep, dark routine of work. Our serving job had us working some variation of overtime each week at a nice lil tex-mex place in La Porte, … Continue reading Hiatus….No More!

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Happy New Year!

Hello Pengminions! It's been a whirlwind amazing year for us and we can only hope your 2013 was the same. Here's a recap of our journey and the people who were gracious enough to share it with us. Don't wish for a happy new year, go out and make it one! Richard

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All About the Biggest Little City in the World

Hello Pengminions!!! So much catching up to do. The Mr. PenGLAP and myself have been settling here in Texas for a bit as we attempt money making and planning for our grand shindig and honeymoon adventures. There is so much still left to do. I have almost finalized my dress maker. I have used… Continue reading All About the Biggest Little City in the World

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Hello There! ;)

Pengminions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am super excited. (I: being me, Kristen, the she of the penguin couple.) Alright now that that is out of the way.... I have soooo much to share with you all. Man, would I love to post shorter blogs much more frequently. (Your encouragement would be greatly appreciated). So to back track a… Continue reading Hello There! 😉

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Penguins Take Flight

Hellloooooo Pengminions! Richard here with the next update for your (hopefully) favorite penguin peoples! Unless you know actual people/penguin hybrids in which case they can be your favorite though I would be concerned for your safely but I'm getting off track and- So Halloween came and went not long ago with a fun little bash… Continue reading Penguins Take Flight