Proposing to her

August 18th, 2012 was a special day in many ways for both halves of the penguin fiances. Kristen’s first visit since Richard’s departure months earlier just so happened to coincide with her birthday and the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire’s “Romance and Chivalry” weekend. These two events provided ample reasoning to mask the numerous romantic plottings previously done by Richard…

As the gates opened Kristen, or for the rest of the day “Grace O’Malley”, was approached by the mayor of the Shire of Mt. Hope and given a map of the faire grounds. The mayor then asked Grace if she could be so kind as to go to all the vendors marked on the map to retrieve decorations for later in the day. Before she could get much farther however she was stopped by Dr. John Dee who had seen a prediction of her coming and demanded to read her tarot cards. From these cards she was told that she needed to visit certain individuals on the shire who would have special messages.

The decorations she was to pick up turned out to be flowers made of various materials. Wood, feathers, acrylic, copper, and even a special rose dipped in wax were a part of her special bouquet at the end of the day. Once that task was complete she began the adventure to find all of the people listed from her card reading and find out what they had in store for her. Finding her first clue as the good sheriff she was promptly arrested for breaking and entering! A reminder of the Thanksgiving trip to New Orleans where Richard surprised her by taking her to Six Flags, which had been abandoned completely intact after hurricane Katrina. So this trend continued, each of the various people on shire had something she was required to do. In return she was given a remembrance of an experience, of their time together, or a reminder of the many reasons for their love.

Toward the end of the day as everyone was gathered at Finale in Song, Richard interrupted the proceedings to bring the special visitor up to the stage to celebrate her birthday… and something else…

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