Getting to know us


Two students at Texas State University coincidentally have two classes together. On the first day in Acting for TV and Film he showed up in a suit and tie, she in pajamas. From there was a series of meetings both insignificant and otherwise; an acting project for TV and Film, study sessions for Theatre History, and some less studious adventures involving San Marcos’ quasi-famous “Square.”

Depending on which half of the Penguin Couple you ask, you will get two wildly different accounts of their first meetings, their reactions to one another, and especially of the beginning of their relationship. Richard won’t say it was love at first sight, but that it was pretty close. Something about the quiet Hispanic chick who always showed up in PJs and her *vomit* Texas Tech sweatshirt kept grabbing his attention. For whatever inexplicable reason he knew she was special. Little did he know just how special she was going to be to him. In a vain attempt to try to quell the part of his brain that wanted to spend as much time as possible with her he would constantly ask her to hang out, go to parties, get coffee, anything he could come up with to get her around to figure out why he was so infatuated. She, however, would often decline because according to Kristen, he was a loud and obnoxious frat guy who she mildly tolerated because he…. Uhhmm….. Well… He cooked her food sometimes? (He continues to profess she knew all along but didn’t want to listen to her heart).

It wasn’t that she didn’t listen to her heart, she was definitely curious about this doofy, frat boy just maybe not in the way he thought when she met him. Because there were things she hated, this is true, but his dreams and ambitions seemed to follow hers while his drive and passion in life infatuated her. When they met she wasn’t looking for love but he was not going to let that stop him from getting to her, right under the skin, a thought ne’er too far away. He may not have known it but she saw their future together one afternoon as they sat as friends in a coffee shop learning all about each other. There was also more to this guy than he would let on and she was going to find out what. There had to be something deeper than just this guy in front of her, but everything wasn’t entirely transparent so she kept her guard up high (for a long time) as they got to know each other. Slowly, but surely the walls fell down. Not easily and not without some rebuilt along the way. They have taken the road less traveled that is certain and are headed in a direction she never thought they would be, kinda.

More currently we find our two penguins madly in love with one another, living and working together through everything that has risen in front of them since they were married on April 13, 2014. The road is much less bumpy now a days, though not entirely smooth.They knew from the very beginning it was going to be work, and lots of it, just maybe not how to make it work! More and more they’re finding that it’s about working with one another to come to an understanding rather than just “being right” and when it comes to making decisions about their lives, what they want to do, the direction they want to go, and how they want to get there. As the years have passed in Chicago, Pennsylvania, Houston, and Reno they have found that it is also about seeing past the day to day and allowing themselves to be inspired by one another, to grow and dream, and accept both the successes and failures as they come.

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