Thailand – How much does it cost?

What does it cost to take a trip to Thailand? Good question. It is a financially accessible destination for many. We spent about $2500 in total for two people and you could do it for a bit cheaper yourself if you wanted to. This included our flights, all activities, place to stay, souvenirs, everything for 6 full days.

In Thailand, you will need to carry cash, Thai Baht, to pay for most things. If you have a credit card without foreign transaction fees there are a few places that do take credit cards but not all so be aware. If you book your hotel & excursions online you can pay with your credit card in most cases and that will reduce the amount of cash you need to carry with you while you are in the country. You will want to check currency conversion rates to know how much you are spending. As of 11/24/19, the exchange rate was 30.15 thb per USD.

We decided to exchange money while we were there rather than having our bank exchange money in the US. It is usually a much longer process here and it allowed us to exchange as we went and have flexibility. Some might want to do it ahead of time to set limits on their spending. It can definitely be easier to say no once you have spent your limit. When exchanging in country the exchange kiosks give slightly different rates for different bills. You will get a better rate exchanging a one hundred dollar bill than a twenty dollar bill. If you are comfortable carrying larger bills you will have better

We know what you are here for….let’s break down individual pricing!

  • Flights: $462.50 per person ($925 total)
  • Hotel: $65 per night. (You can find accommodations MUCH cheaper)
  • Half-Day Thai Cooking Class: $68.50
  • Full-Day Tour to Chiang Rai with multiple attractions/stops: $90
  • Elephant Jungle Sanctuary: $117
  • National Park Day: $57 (included full-day scooter rental, entrance fees, food, gas)
  • Base Total:$1647.5
  • Food (meals can be as cheap as $3)
  • Daily transportation (you can rent a scooter for less than $6.50 per day & open-air taxis for $3-15 per ride)
  • One hr massage: $10-$15

We picked up a lot of small things like fruit, smoothies, teas, snacks as went about our days and paid cash so I don’t have an exact number of what we spent on food. The same with transportation, we walked a lot and once we wanted to make a big move we hopped into a red open air truck and paid cash to get to another part of town or back to our hotel.

We are excited to share more photos and videos from our adventure soon. In the mean time, what questions do you have about our trip that we can answer for you?

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