Don’t Dread the Pre-Owned Wedding Dress

Wedding dress shopping is a little girl’s dream! That dream quickly becomes dread when reality hits and we go in and see the price tag associated with many of those dresses: Hundreds or even thousands of dollars. In most cases this is a one day event and the million dollar dress will be hung up for all eternity. For a big day your big dress doesn’t have to have a big price tag. There are a plethora of options that can help you save HUGE on a gorgeous gown for your big day.

We often look down on the used dress but let’s think about that for a minute. Often we rationalize buying an expensive gown because we think we will pass it down to our children one day. First, how frequently does that actually happen? And, second, isn’t that a used dress? Yes, there is a different connotation there but even so, it is not new. Let’s not knock it before we try it…on, at a price more pleasurable to our pocket books.

There are many sites online or boutiques/thrift stores that you can scour for the dress of your dreams. The “dress styles of the year” are designed by bridal magazines and the wedding industry to fool brides into thinking they have to purchase a brand new dress that matches the current trendy styles. Don’t buy into the consumerist mentality. Go out and choose a dress that suits you.


My advice is to go to try on many different dress styles to find the one that makes your heart sing and then go and scour those used dress websites or thrift and boutique stores to find the one that works for you at a fraction of the  brand new dress price. Even with alterations included you will come out way ahead.

It may take some self talk, but buying a used dress as opposed to a new dress will bring life once more to a dress that is meant to shine and not hide out in someones closet forever. Take a leap, go try on a used dress to get the feel of it, and you just might fall in love! What are some other places you have found to look for wedding dresses that don’t cost an arm and a leg? What are your thoughts on used wedding dresses? Let us know what you think in the comments below. We look forward to the discussion. Til next time Pengminions!

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