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When will big business learn about the Social age?

by Richard Furleigh

Working in such a large company I often find myself discussing with others in similar positions about our respective companies and the various issues they have. Time and time again it boggles my mind the extent to with which some of these companies operate under such antiquated practices in terms of customer interaction, cultivation, and satisfaction in the modern era.

Our culture and society has made monumental strides in terms of technology and the entire way we interact, yet one of my friends mentioned his company was having them do cold calls for b2b leads because business was down. Cold calls? His brick and mortar  location,

From “The Wolf of Wall Street” Red Granite Pictures & Paramount Pictures

which by the way is one of the busiest in his 120 store region, belongs to a  fortune 100 company was doing cold calls to drum up leads. I was shocked, and yet somehow this is not an isolated occurrence.


In the digital age these companies are no longer innovating the same way small companies are. Not in terms of products or capabilities, but in the way that companies reach out and engage their customers. Traditional media is limping along as services like Netflix and 8tracks take off in the digital realm, and with their growth comes the decline of traditional marketing. This will never go completely away but how can you rely on top of mind marketing? It sounds good in theory, but ask yourself this: the last time you made a purchasing decision greater than $100 how did you do it? If you’re anything like me you did some research online, looking at reviews, opinions, and price comparison. Those first two are critical because as companies finally grab onto managing the first two in a way that is helpful to their potential customers (not to themselves first!) they can help guide those making the decisions to their products and solutions. The companies who figure this out first will be the ones who end up leading their industries in the next 10 years.

Rather than setting a team of people to make cold calls that, let’s be honest, are anything but effective. Why not set these same people to task connecting with individuals and companies? Why not set a strategy that incorporates the social age and provides a helpful package that has people seek you out as experts in your subject matter? This will not only create more loyal connections to you and your company but is an almost infinitely more effective long term solution than wasting money having employees bother business owners who are busy with their own issues.

For those in any sort of leadership position it is imperative that this becomes a focus. The digital age has moved past it’s infancy and is in full swing. If your company has not caught up to that it is our responsibility as corporate citizens to help lead the charge into the future instead of cold calling businesses. These same companies preach being advanced but it is clear that their cultural evolution is clearly lacking in this category. We must take the reigns and help guide them.

Until next time Pengminions!

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