Drinking life in, creatively

by Richard Furleigh

We’re always on the lookout for other people who live life creatively (is this you? We’d love to chat!) and sometimes you just happen to stumble on people who are doing that in a way that completely resonates with us. One such person is Joshua Nichols, the driving force behind Branded Hearts Distillery here in Reno.

Kristen and I headed out for a tasting here for a date night we had planned and were enthralled by the level of knowledge, passion, and the different thought process that goes into making their spirits. Coming from a family of distillers himself he says that it has always been in his blood to make liquor. Josh has lived in many places that have imprinted on him over the years and to hear him tell it, each of these places has left it’s mark on him. He hopes that his crafted spirits will leave their mark on you as well.

One of Josh’s main themes that came up time and time again was putting his signature touch on everything he made at Branded Hearts. The perfect example of this is his story behind the inspiration for what is their signature spirit, wheat whiskey. Made in very few other places in the country their wheat whiskey is made using wheat grown right here in Northern Nevada. It makes for a unique tasting whiskey that is on par with the best I’ve ever had. Even at cask strength of 118 proof the liquor left none of the intense burn associated with with such a high ABV. This, Josh explained, was one of their little touches. By adding lactic acid it affected the chemical makeup of the final product giving it a smoothness that is beyond compare.

During our discussion you could get a quick sense of his desire to do things in a way that fed him in a soul fulfilling way and we could taste the results in some beautifully crafted drinks. If you get the chance I encourage you to stop by and check them out or to enjoy the fruits of Branded Heart’s labor the next time you want to enjoy an exceptional beverage or, as Josh recommends, try it neat the first time.

Branded Hearts can be found online and through Facebook

If you have any other businesses you feel we should check out for the difference they bring to their field let us know down below, we always love finding new places and people that we can talk to! Until next time Pengminions!

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