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Buying our Subi: Tumbleweed

By: Richard Furleigh

“Buying a car is fun!!” – no one ever

When searching for our latest vehicle here in Reno we began with not a list of vehicles, but with a list of things we wanted out of our vehicle and the whole time we were focused on making the car buying experience work for us for a change. Our criteria were primarily driven by our adventures we wanted to have in camping, skiing, road trips, etc so it was important to get pretty close to these things.

This led us to look primarily at the compact SUVs since most of the vehicles in that category meet what we were looking for. While researching specific models we made a rather robust Excel spreadsheet detailing everything from ground clearance to MPG to avg price to horsepower & torque. It was intense to say the least. Now since we weren’t looking to buy new (because unless you have more money than you can spend the general consensus is: NEVER BUY NEW!) we then had to begin looking through the local dealerships for the few we had narrowed down to.

Getting behind the wheel and reevaluating led us to narrowing our choice to one standout, the Subaru Forester XT. This was where our brains started working harder to see what we could do differently to find exactly what we wanted. For weeks we couldn’t find a car that fit, so our search range began to expand more and more. We found one in town that was close-ish to our range. Oddly enough was the same day we stumbled onto an out of state dealership that had a couple vehicles perfectly in our range for less than the dealer here had listed.

When we went down to the dealership here in town the vehicle wasn’t quite a perfect fit, but was close. After an hour of negotiating some manager came out. He chuckled some at the 21k price we wanted saying that he “could get more for the vehicle at auction” and “you’d never get that kind of vehicle anywhere in the Sierras at that price.” So we showed him the quote from the dealer we had been looking at in New York that had a 2014 for $21k. He laughed at us. “You’re going to fly to New York and buy your car there? Then what? Drive it back?”

So we bought the car there and Kristen drove it back across the country! We were headed to New York for the Nevada Global Business program anyway, and Kristen met up with her Mom who was on a separate trip for the drive back here.

Factoring gas, hotels, and Kristen’s missed flight we saved about $3,500. Kristen got to check a few more states off her list, visit a few friends, and go on a road trip that she loved to boot!

So let this inform you, if you’re looking to buy a car any time soon find out what part of the country has the lowest prices for that kind of vehicle. Make contact with a couple options there, and you can get your new car at a LOT less! The option to combine a trip with it just means it’s that much more of an adventure for you!

If you have any bigger purchases or plans coming up give some serious thought to a different way to execute that makes it better for you. It was fun getting to do something so different with our experience. If you have any deeper questions about our process or have a few ideas you’d like to bounce off someone let us know down below! Until next time Pengminions!

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