Staying In With Friends

by Richard Furleigh

I never really enjoyed “going out” in the same way many of my other friends did during college and into my 20’s. Being around the people I liked was always important but I would much rather be with a few friends having a couple drinks talking with one another than bar hopping from place to place or the club scene that I loathed. Kristen and I have lived in Reno for over two years now and we’ve been downtown to the casinos for anything more than walking around only once or twice, and entered one of Reno’s many clubs twice: both of those for events friends were having.

Living life creatively has been able to give me more of a focus as to the why of it. For clarification by no means am I antisocial, ask my wife and she’ll tell you it seems I prefer other people to her sometimes (not true, I love you Kristen!), or see me at work laughing and joking with coworkers and customers alike as we talk about anything and everything. Rather after looking back my dislike was always more about the crowds of people and the impersonal nature of the whole thing. Near pitch black lights, music to the point where conversation was impossible, and spending $10 for a beer never appealed to me. I would much rather hang out by staying in.

I have found much more joy from small get togethers at people’s houses or game nights with friends than any of the times in college I dragged myself out to one of the numerous clubs on San Marcos’ Square or headed up to 6th Street in ATX. The ability to have a more than superficial connection and to have more meaningful conversations if you want speaks so much more to me than anything those places have to offer.

Game nights especially have found a special place for us and our time with our friends here in Reno as a chance to relax, laugh way too much, and just enjoy each other. Our go to classic is Settlers of Catan, or for me Settlers of Catanananana. This one in particular has lead to some fun rides home as many of you are aware, and Kristen and her friend Shar debating never trading each other wheat again. One of our new favorites is a little more cooperative in nature and was actually thought up by a duo that Kristen went to high school with in Texas!

Random Encounters Random Encounters is a simplified version of your favorite old school dungeon type games where you pick a character and go beat up some bosses! 
We’ve had a lot of fun with this one since it plays out very differently every time. The cooperative nature of the game as well has you thinking and debating the best ways forward so that (hopefully) you don’t die deep in the forest of

Is there a particular game you love playing for game nights, or do you prefer doing something else for those nights you and friends stay in? We always welcome new ideas that we can try! Keep those dice rolling…Until next time Pengminions!

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2 thoughts on “Staying In With Friends

  1. Someone brought the game Red Flags to a party at our place. I wasn’t any good at it but it was fun to see what others came up with. Everyone creates a perfect blind date to try to get the single person that turn to pick their date. Then everyone tries to get the single person to NOT pick the person next to​ them by adding red flags to their blind date. Then you go around the table trying to “sell” your blind date to the single person using the good traits you selected and the bad traits your neighbor gave you.

    • Ohh man…. this sounds on the side of crazy. I feel like this is right up my ally, I mean I was able to convince Kristen to pick me! We’ll have to check it out though, thanks Alana!

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