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From Fear to Empowerment

From Fear to Empowerment
~Kristen Furleigh

Often when I talk to others about some of our life experiences I get a “Wow, I could never do that” or an “I wish I could travel but (insert: I’m too scared, don’t have the money, ect)” and “How do you do that?” but I don’t usually see my life as anything particularly unique. I truly believe that if you want to do something there are many more ways to make it happen then we allow ourselves to realize. It is so much easier to see the reasons why we can’t than to look for the opportunities for how we can.

When it comes to other people’s reactions to my/our life and how “they could never” I always respond with “yes, YOU can!” I believe wholeheartedly that anyone can do anything that Richard and I do and more. It is all a matter of allowing yourself to say YES to trying and NO to fear. I do understand that some of this idea is from a place of privilege but most people have more means than they will give themselves credit for. It is often less about means and more about giving yourself permission and accepting the sacrifices that come with making the decision to go for it.

If you re-frame it; you are making a sacrifice either way. For example, when you choose not to travel you are sacrificing the experiences you could have had. When you choose to travel it is a sacrifice; whatever it is that you sacrifice will be different based upon your circumstances. You have to ask yourself which one is more important to you. You must also be honest with yourself because it is easy to come up with a valid yet facetious excuse. Like, “I have to eat.” Well, of course, you have to eat but can you be making better choices with what you purchase to eat that would allow you to travel? There are so many ways we can talk ourselves out of pursuing the things we want. It is without a doubt easier but is the easiest road fulfilling? I would argue, no.

Coming back to fear; fear should be the least of our concerns. We all have fears but we cannot let them stop us from reaching for possibilities. In almost every situation that has been scary, once I have done said scary thing, I always end up feeling better having done it. On the other side of the fear is a much better place to be and it has allowed me to do more things that I fear because I have the experience of having done the frightening and come out feeling a stronger, more capable person. I am by no means fearless I just know that I will be OK and will grow from the experience. It is an amazingly empowering feeling. This is something that I have to remind myself of often to keep pushing myself forward. It also takes practice. It doesn’t just happen; we have to continue doing differently in order to make these life changes.


Above the clouds on top of Mt. Doom aka Mount Ngauruhoe on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing a 19.4 km hike not including this detour

What are some things you have always dreamed of doing but have held yourself back from pursuing? Let’s chat. All it takes is a plan and commitment and you are on your way to realizing your dreams! What are some things you want to hear about from us? We can have a conversation in the comments or feel free to message us. Til next time Pengminions!


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