Business, Living creatively

Sales and Business in Living Life Creatively

by Richard Furleigh

A pushy car salesman prattles on about the virtues of a particular car before saying “come on, make me an offer.” The women at the furniture store keeps pushing you to the higher end furniture and talking about upgrades you don’t want. Your last mattress shopping experience, I can just about guarantee, was frustrating at best. All of these positions are heavily involved in sales and often ingrained in the old school.

Courtesy: Glengarry Glen Ross
Courtesy: Glengarry Glen Ross

Living life creatively is more than art and life, it also has radical implications into business philosophy as well. If for no other reason than selling markets of every kind have changed more in the last two decades with the internet revolution this is something that if ignored will ensure your company, no matter its size, will fall.

I don’t need to tell you that with Google one upset customer can leave a review that will never go away let alone forbid something goes viral, but what DO you need to do in order to live business creatively? Working in tech retail I can tell you from the ground level that customers are sick and tired of mass market messages, confusing pricing tactics, and are so wary of anyone even close to sales. The surefire way I see past this is to begin to treat our customers as guests in our house; treat them like human beings with dignity. They are individuals with whom you need to connect with in order to, if nothing else, make them feel valuable as a person and not just as a number. Find out about their job, their family, are they going to BBQ this weekend? Anything to break down the walls that they have constructed against the pushy car salesman. The side benefit of this is once you have actually gotten to know them a little you can make a recommendation that truly fits their life! You get to add to your top line all the while they see you as you truly are, someone who took the time to help them with a problem they had in their life and gave them a quality solution without forcing it on them. People buy from friends so the more personal you can be in a genuine way the better you will perform in the long run because your guests will be that much more satisfied in every capacity.

One thing I constantly remind my co-workers is that this is not the best way to meet metrics this month, but over time I cannot think of one single thing that will allow us to build our future growth in a recession proof and sustainable way. This is the work of living life creatively, it is not a short term solution but must be lived every day in order to see the long term benefits. We are already seeing the shift away from big impersonal box stores and back to stores that can provide a customized experience for their clientele and those who are getting ahead of this now will reap the benefits hand over fist for doing so.

What have you seen in the business world (when selling or when purchasing) that could use an update from this philosophy?  I know I’m always looking at new ways of trying to see what could improve for the people I help out at work, so let us know below! If there’s a ‘manager’ out there who could use a reminder of leadership feel free to share this as well. 

That’s all for now Pengminions, hope you have a great weekend and we’ll see you back soon!
-Richard Furleigh

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