Bringing Life to Abandoned Buildings

Hello Pengminions!!!

Kristen here with your next dose of penguin cuteness overload!
Yes, that’s right…YOU will see them right here for the first time
A week and a half ago we had the privilege of having our engagement pictures done by Andrew Elam! Richard ‘s sister’s boyfriend, a talented man behind the lens, went with us to an abandoned brewery that Richard and I had scoped out a few days before in Galveston. Not only was it abandoned but it was literally across the street from the police station (We try to make every adventure a Super adventure, the more risk the better, not really but it seems to find us and make everything more epic.)
The most easily accessible entrance was facing the station so we opted to venture around the building and found a window we climbed in through one by one. You will see the pictures and the answer is no I did not bring an extra pair of shoes with me to make this easier. Needless to say there were blisters later that day. After getting over my initial worries/fears of getting caught and being thrown in jail (to live out the rest of my days) for trespassing we had a blast! One of the most important things we learned is that Richard has a concentrating (focusing on being relaxed) constipation face hence the quote of the shoot, “Come on, look like you love her.” Richard was trying waaaay too hard to look “normal.” The second most common quote, “Ok, now kiss!”
The joking and awesomeness of the location made it easy to have fun.
Example here:
thug lyfe 4eva

Alright, now on to the good stuff…
find the ligh

all about her

where to standin the light

I am IN LOVE with this next sequence of pictures!!!

 come on, it will be fun  create.lovelook what we can createseeeeegraffiti win

 It is like a little story!

made for the movies all the love we create DSC_0759-5


Having some fun and submitting to American Horror Story



Editing magic for a silhouette photo:




This one is Richard’s Favorite:



DSC_0549  DSC_0524

DSC_0523 DSC_0513

I had fun taking pictures in this “window”

the blissful end

And that my friends is what we spent our time doing on an early Sunday afternoon. Hope you enjoyed them. Share with us what you think or more adventures we should go on.


5 thoughts on “Bringing Life to Abandoned Buildings

  1. Once you hit the “LOVE” pictures they just get better and better from there!! Great pictures; you two bring out the beauty in some otherwise desolate places!

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