Penguins Take Flight

Hellloooooo Pengminions!

Richard here with the next update for your (hopefully) favorite penguin peoples! Unless you know actual people/penguin hybrids in which case they can be your favorite though I would be concerned for your safely but I’m getting off track and-

So Halloween came and went not long ago with a fun little bash here to wrap up the 2013 PA Ren Faire experience. As usual I DJ’d for the event, providing some unique mixes of some classic Halloween songs I had come across. Hours before this however Kristen and I were in our room elbows deep in our makeup kit creating our couples costume for the evening. Trolling around the internet we came up with a couple possibilities but settled on a dark take on the King and Queen of hearts, with some very fun results.

Kristen’s specifically had a very interesting look as for hers we decided to make it a little more glamorous on the face to contrast the exposed heart on her chest.
x10 heart

Back in the world of actual reception planning we’ve begun looking for more definitive ideas about what we want to plan and do and how we’re going to do it. It is a massive undertaking trying to plan all of these things out and we’ve come across a lot of ideas out there in Internet land about things other people are doing. Everything from reception games, to light entertainments, to more circusy acts have all been used in recent years as people more move away from the “traditional” reception. While some of these ideas are perfect, others among them, well… might be a little much. Call me a little old fashioned but I would rather our reception be a little more about us and a little less about the acrobat who broke their leg. Some of our more likely ideas we’ll keep up our sleeve for now, but I will share with you one of my personal favorites; The Shoe Game! How it works is this, the couple sits back to back, takes off one of their shoes, and exchanges it with their partner. Whoever is emcee will then begin asking personal questions and each person will hold up the shoe of the person they think it corresponds to. Questions such as… “Who wakes up in a better mood?” “Who cooks better?” “Who drives better?” etc… So as you can see there is an immediate opportunity for hilarity and hopefully no arguments later (though she knows I’m the better driver anyway… Just don’t tell her I said that) If you have any fun and mostly clean suggestions for some questions we could ask, let us know in the comments!!

Continuing in the vein of reception things, Kristen and I are more than elated to announce that we have officially made the single largest expenditure we will have during this time and have purchased our flights to New Zealand! Flying penguins ahoy!! Now while I am SUPREMELY excited about this trip I will also readily admit to dreading one thing about it. The twenty hours worth of flight and travel is not something I will relish. As a decently sized guy, over 6′ tall, travel in the economy class of airplanes is, to put it mildly, a thing that could only have been concocted in the most wretched of medieval torture chambers. I barely fit side to side, my knees are constantly pressed into the seat of the person in front of me, and being comfortable is about as fond a dream as, well, actually getting to New Zealand. Kristen on the other hand, at a tiny 5′ 2 1/2″ can literally curl up in the seat, and go to sleep. The envy I have for her capability to do that, combined with her comfort level being over 9000 (DBZ reference, what up!) knows no bounds. I cannot wait, however, to actually get there and begin the adventure! So much to do and we have a WHOLE MONTH to explore this alien place to our hearts content. The range of this country north to south is expansive and we have already begun preparing for the weather ranging from a warm summer in the north island, to near freezing in the south. Ohh! and speaking of the south island, THEY HAVE PENGUINS!!! I KNOW PENGUINS AND ALL I WANT TO DO IS GO PET ONE AND MAKE IT MY FRIEND AND MAYBE PACK HIM IN MY LUGGAGE AND DO YOU THINK CUSTOMS WOULD MIND ME COMING HOME WITH HIM?!?! Ok…. I’m better now….

That’s about it for now pengminions, so I leave you with this shameless self promotion of one of our other pages on the site to check out if you haven’t already! Tada!

Stay frosty!
Richard out!


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