QUIZ UPDATE: And the winner is……


The lady here to bring you a short update on The Quiz that the Mr. and I had been working through. It seemed rather close the whole way through. We both learned a lot but there had to be a winner. One of us….was highly confident at the end that they were the winner pf all the fancy prizes and bragging rights. Remember this my friends its never in your favor to jump the gun and parade around your victory before all votes have been counted and the results are in. Going into this 100 question venture we both figured who the winner would probably be (me) because… well, its well known the Mr. tends to take information as it comes much more often than I who asks questions on top of questions.

As we neared the end of our exploration it seemed pretty tight. We went into the scoring and he seemed to have all his counted up and I caught a glimpse of what I thought was the final count for myself and just knew I had not won. When he suggested we place our totals down at the same time I was in. He prefaced the reveal with “Baby, I’m sorry I had to beat you” and with what I had seen I figured he was right, by .5 of a point, and was going to be the graceful looser.

There was a ready….GO! Placing our scores down on the bed….I HAD WON!!!! I even felt kinda bad about being the winner lol
Now I await the contract being fulfilled! A small plethora of lovely things we both agreed on would be the winnings of the victor.
They include a dinner of ones choice, an evening of dancing, junk food, breakfast/dessert in bed just to name a few.
All in fun and sport. And an excuse to enjoy each others company. The real winner is both of us because we made the time for each other to slowly go through these questions, answer and elaborate, and gain more knowledge about each other.

Have any other games we could try? Or excursions you might recommend? We would love to hear them!

Til next time pengminions!!

So much love,
Kristen B


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