Dress Shopping!!! and other relationship things

Hello Penguin Followers!!!!

Sooooooo I had a birthday this past week. 25!!! Weeeeee I can now rent a car all on my own! Thanks to all who sent FB wishes of kindness. It was a fantastic day on the shire of Mt. Hope. Desdemona enjoyed sharing my natal den with everyone throughout the day. I was presented with quarters from cast members and showered with love from my friends and family. The first of our off days Richard, some fellow cast member friends and I went to Hershey Park! We rode roller coasters, learned about the making of chocolate, and ATE CHOCOLATE!!!!!!! It was a deliciously fun time that was only the pregame to the WHITE TRASH BASH we threw for fun!!! We were inspired by these cups we saw at Kirkland’s while looking around for inspiration for the Soiree and knew we had to make this event happen and recreate these cups!  Aaannnd we did 😀

Tons of country music was a blasting and much beer pong was played! It was a fantastic time! Just imagine thirty plus actors …yeah! We go all out.
Here’s a taste…

The very next day my also engaged friend, Chailee, and I went out to try on dresses…I never thought something so girly could be so fun!!! We had a blast. The first place we went was called Cocoa Couture in Hershey and was a lovely establishment. The staff was super friendly and helpful. The dresses there were magnificent and certainly gave me so ideas that I can incorporate into the dress that I want to get made. Here is a look at me in a fancy white dress! Image

I’d post a pic of the both of us but she hasn’t picked her dress out yet and I would hate to give away her look if it were her ultimate choice!

On another note Relationship things.
When it comes to that we both always come to communication. It is KEY!
Communicating with each other and others you can learn so much.
We were talking with a fella today that we had just met. His group will be performing as an independent act at the faire. As we got to know this guy he was extremely open, talkative and inquisitive. A super friendly guy that we enjoyed. At the tail end of the conversation he recommended a book for the two of us to read, The 5 Languages of Love. He is a recent divorcee and said he found this book just too late and has recommended it to others who have thanked him after. As he was talking a bit about this book and what it covers, while chatting together later, we discovered that we both have had similar thoughts about what he was explaining. And that is when relationship advice has been imparted to us we often times have had the thought of…we kind of do that already..and its a pretty cool feeling. It makes me feel like we must be doing something right. We aren’t perfect by any means but hopefully these things will work out for us in the long run. The 5 languages of Love book we are looking into reading together. If there are those of you out there that have any other suggestions on pre life commitment material you would recommend we would love to check it out so please post away!!! We are always wanting to learn more and try to make this and anything we do better!

It is about time to hit the hay for it is another faire day in the morn.
Til next time my lovely penguin followers! I love you all and a wonderfully good night!

Future Mrs. Furleigh


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