We have a venue! Now what…

Greetings Penguin Lovers!

Richard here today coming to you live from the PA Ren Faire where we are just about to open our third weekend of our run! It’s been hectic for sure, and between rehearsals and trying to plan things there isn’t a ton of time left for much else. Kristen has been amazing in her work so far and fits supremely easily into her roll as a frolicking, gleeful, silly gypsy (who would have guessed!) Desdemona Galosha. She also makes one of the most ferociously adorable lions you will ever see. My work in the faire has been interesting to say the least. Sir Richard Bingham is essentially the opposite of who I am in many ways but is entirely something that I enjoy playing with. I’m also in love with the fact that I am involved with so much of the stage combat throughout the day.

On the reception side of things we have officially booked our venue. YAY! The venue it’s self is absolutely nothing special; just a large community center we got for a steal. However we were more than satisfied with our choice after spending quite a bit of time looking at most conceivable options in the greater Houston area and finding that anything that we were excited about carried a price tag of at least twice our budget. The additional bonus to spending so little on the venue is now we get to spend more on decorating and really bringing some steampunky life to the otherwise sterile venue. This is actually somewhat of an exciting prospect as we’ve started planning and looking at decorations we can create and come up with for the soiree. I’ve also begun to start thinking about ways to get around the whole “the whole ceiling is nothing but florescent lights” problem. Initial thoughts are to bring in some theatre lighting to shoot up at the ceiling and create enough ambient light from that to set the mood properly or to cover the lights already there with some sort of thin fabric to at least tint the white light coming from them. On the floral front, one of Kristen’s brothers was even kind enough to begin growing a rare variety of plant Kristen came across while we were in Chicago in hopes of using them for our reception. No details on what they are yet, wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise!

Needless to say it’s a madhouse here in planning and life!

Stay frosty out there penguin peeps!



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