As we prepare for the future I look back.

Greetings penguin lovers!!

Richard here bringing you this weeks new blog post about us and our lives and letting you in on JUST a little too much (see poop blogs).

Life has moved fast for us here in Pennsylvania; from arriving, first combat training sessions, beginning of rehearsals, techs, kids day, to being only 14 hours away from opening to the public. It never seems to cease, but at the same time I am reminded of during out move out from Chicago and one of the things I realized both about myself and our relationship. Truly opening your ears and listening to your partner is one of the most critical things you can do.

In truth, there was a period of time right before we moved out where it seemed like there was an argument every other day about something that really wasn’t that serious. It just seemed as though we weren’t seeing eye to eye on anything. In some ways it was a duel realization that there is still a part of me that is still a little selfish and isn’t fully latched onto the whole “I’m in a relationship and will share the rest of my life with this person” It’s a part, that while not large, still can scream out “but what about what I want!” There is something to be said for not wanting to lose yourself entirely, you should maintain a strong individuality within the relationship it’s self. However there has to be a new identity developed with the other person as well. It’s not just me in this anymore, it’s both of us fighting, what often times feels like, the rest of the world. Everything from bills, to residence, vehicles, cooking, cleaning, laundry, feeding the pets. Nothing is entirely the same anymore. Yet in many ways the journey is made better by this new presence, so long as you accept it and can allow it to evolve into something that is more than just yourself.

Best wishes to all you Penguin lovers out there, and “God ye good den!”



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