God Save the Queen!!!!

Bona Ziwa!!!! (Its gypsy!)

Opening day is a week and a half away for the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. We have been wrapped in rehearsals 6 out of the 7 days of the week preparing for this. So many shows and fun characters we cannot wait to present to all who join us this season. Richard is part of the main story line this year alongside the Queen and the Irish. I have the wonderous opportunity to skip around the shire playing will all who wish to be merry as a Gypsy and doing a few stage shows throughout the day. I am excited about each and everyone because they are all different. An improv show called Trial and Drench, Shakespeare’s Lovers which is a compilation of different love scenes from mr greatspeare, and A telling of Julius Caesar as a Bloody Best show and at the end of the day all are a part of the Ultimate Joust and Finale. Hopefully some people who visit will post youtubes of these fantastic happenings. With all that and more you should know that sharing internet with 30 or more actors during off times does not make for easy access to the virtual world and when we do get it its character researching and VENUE SEARCHING!!!!

Speaking of venues it looks like we have a good candidate at the moment. 😀 One thing down…almost. We are still looking around a bit to make sure its the best we can find on our budget. It isn’t anything fancy but I am confident we can spruce it up and make it all we want it to be. Plus we get to bring in our own food, drink, decorations, ect which is what we really wanted to.
In more fun news my ladies are even starting to bounce around bachelorette shenanigans!!!! SOOOOOO MANY EXCITING THINGS!!!!!

More to come soon. We will have much more time on our hands once the season starts so many more blogs to come with TWO full days off WEEEEEeeeeeEEEEEEEeeeee! Plus so much will be put into the works. Engagement photos, costume making, decorations HUZZAH!
Til next time Penguin Followers!!!!!
Love you all soooo much!

~Penguin Lady


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