Leaps and Bounds and Away We Go!

Hola Penguin Followers!

It has been way too long. Please accept our apologies! So much has happened. We are here at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire for their 2013 season and rehearsals are in full swing. It took us three long drives to get here but we made it here last Sunday. We took pit stops in Houston, TX to drop our babies off with his parents and then another in Kennesaw, GA to visit my aunt and her family and to do some sight seeing while we were there. 20, 12, and 12 hour drives straight happened! Needless to say it was more than a little grueling as you can see from the route below.Image
The first leg was made infinitely worse by a poor little kitty who decided that she did not want to travel well and spent the first couple hours needing constant reassurance and love. It wasn’t the US trip we had originally planned for this summer but it was still pretty neat for making some fun happen on our way to our new job together. 

Packing our lives into one smallish vehicle was Tetris! With as much as was in the back of his Soul we were worried it was going to explode open when we finally got here. We managed to make it happen though, while also fitting both our animals and ourselves inside. While in Houston we made some swift friend visits with those he knew from his hometown, enjoyed some family time and did our last initiations to our Soiree Cabinet at Main Event in Katy and an Astros game (that I got voted into going to by his friends muahaha)

In Kennesaw we saw my cousins that I had not seen since they were little babies. Richard and I spend a day in Tennessee visiting Rock City. The rest of the time we all went together to one of my favorite places ever, STONE MOUNTAIN, and some sight seeing in downtown Atlanta (The World of Coca~Cola and Millennium Park).

After all that journeying around we made it here in the middle of nowhere, Pennsylvania! That might not sound all that exciting to you guys but here is a land of sword fights and Shakespeare, improv and shows, gypsies and nobles and the beginning of a journey we won’t soon forget!


  Til Next Time Penguin Followers!


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