Finding time for Us.

Greetings Penguin followers!

Richard here this time rapidly blogging to you before I take off the the preview of the play I am in, which opens tomorrow *shameless self promotion that Kristen will scoff at me for*.

As you may well know, Kristen has two jobs, one at Second City, and the other at Starbucks. I only have one job (currently, will be looking for a second soon), and also have had rehearsals 4 days out of the week for the last couple months. With so much going on it can feel as though we never get to do anything together, and when you’re trying to continue building a relationship with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with that can be more than a little frustrating. Through these times though I have come to realize that it isn’t always going out and doing big things (especially since we don’t have the money either) with one another, or even planning them, but saying “Yes and!” to small moments that come up.

Kristen decided to surprise me this week by biking up to my coffee shop as I was getting off and biking home with me. Since she was up there I suggested that we share a small lunch special just to try one of the local restaurants in the area before we headed back.
Quite a simple dish, but tasted pretty amazing to say the least. Add a huge basket of bread to the side and I was one happy camper to share a meal for under $10.

Our route home took a lazily winding course down to Lake Michigan and then down the coast before we got to our apartment. The view was amazing and with the weather in the mid 70’s for the first time since last summer we were quite enjoying ourselves. We had a little bit of time before I had to head off the rehearsal and decided to change and head to the beach with a towel and lay out for a little bit as a happy reminder that, yes, the sun is amazing!! Walking back we found a little sidewalk chalk drawing that made both of us smile and laugh.

As I was traveling to rehearsal that night I began to think a little about the two of us and the time we spend together. I realize more and more that it is about the small things you do together, finding even a little time amidst hectic schedules to share a laugh and a little time together. When I can step back a little and don’t take myself so seriously, I enjoy these small goofy things with her so much more. They are truly the moments that make the rest of the “up at 5:30 to be at work by 7 to go to rehearsal” days worth it.

So how about you? In your adventures with other people in relationships, what has been some of your favorite small things that made the days a little better?

Until next time Penguin lovers!


One thought on “Finding time for Us.

  1. Something to try an insert into my own relationship. Y’all are so smart. I think I will continue reading your blog!! Type on my little penguin love birds!

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