Time is a flyin! Like penguins can do

Hello Penguin Followers!

So it seems we get you all excited about our blog and almost two whole weeks later and there hasn;t been a new post. Shame on us! These past couple weeks have been buusy! The fiance and I work a ton and actually did some friend adventures! We are going to do our best to post much more regularly. Since airing our blog I had the pleasure of being on a real live movie set for two full days of shooting. It is based off the teen novel, Divergent, that is set in Chicago and written by a young author while attending Northwestern University this badass is my age
14+ hours of shooting two days in a row followed by normal work the very next day with hangouts after. Made for much learning and fun but not much extra time to catch up with you guys.

We went with one of my first Chicago friends and his girlfriend to a small bar to see a band they both really love called Audiences. They were pretty good but my surprise of the night was the headliner for the event, John the Conqueror, from PA. BLOWN AWAY! Fantastic live!! Surprise, Surprise…Richard liked them too. Quite an event when we both agree, in a soul moving way, on music. 😀 So we danced the rest of the evening away! We journeyed to a near by five guys with our friends and found some keys on our way just hanging on a spiked fence, and me being me, proceeded to press all the unlock buttons!!!! I don;t think much happened though so we kept on to delicious food.

The following day we joined my small group for our first ever destination meeting. WoB also known as World of Beer. I know, I know..BEER! Yes, I said it and yes, I voted for it! Now keep your minds intact. Richard had been advocating a place of this sort professing that there has got to be ONE beer out there that I will like so when the suggestion was presented I figured, what the hell, lets do it and I can invite the fiance. Something magical happened that day. As a group we found a beer! *music plays* 10% alcohol beer at that and not one part of it tasted like beer 😀
Small Town Root Beer 10%
here is a picture of the magical liquid

RootBEER, aahhh so good. The same brand, Small Town of IL, that made the beer made the best cider I have ever tasted too. So the adventure was a win in my book. Richard got his traditional Guinness and cider combo
Guinness & Cider WOB

Using that inspiration we had a raspberry lambic and cider combo that was quite delicious too. We had great conversations over the topic of the Boston bombings and fancy drinks with friends. We then proceeded to head home and finish up the first season of Game of Thrones. For a series I was highly skeptical of I am enjoying it! Plz, no spoilers on whats to come. I guess for now I will leave you with all this for an update though I know life things were left out. We will chat soon. And here’s a video of flying penguins!

Til next time,
Kristen Penguin out

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  1. Alana says:

    The beer is called rootbeer? Do you know who the brewer is? I am intrigued.

    1. thefurleighs says:

      Yeah, Small Town. They are from IL. http://www.smalltownbrewery.com/ They sell it at other places in Chicago. Maybe one place will be close to the theatre tom and we can stop in for one 😀

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