Penguin Followers!

As you all can see, we did it! We chose to change our last names when we get married! One of us knew before the other (but you can find that story in our last blog/comment section).
There will be some things we will get a jump start on when it comes to using it. For example our acting things will have our new last name used, for professional consistency purposes, before the actual date. Otherwise, we will keep our FB and normal social life things the same.

How did we come about this?
Well, I never once wanted to take another person’s last name, though it is the socially accepted protocol when you get married. Richard never in his life thought he would have a name other than the one he was born with (besides his characters but that doesn’t count for this real life situation). We had discussed the idea of a hyphenated last name but I really wasn’t interested. I didn’t like the idea of who’s comes first, who’s sticks, what if we have children (though not in the cards at this moment), ect. So the idea of coming up with our own popped into my head. Create something all OUR own. Its not one or the other but both! We bounced around the idea of coming up with something off the wall and not in any way related to what we already have but there were too many options and they weren’t particularly personal. Both of us being extremely attached to our own names, I thought we could creating a new name based off of the ones we currently have. Sort of combining two separate worlds and making them one. Tossing a few ideas out we landed on Furleigh. It’ll definitely take some time to get used to on both sides but I think it is a satisfactory addition to this life we are creating together. Much love everybody!
Til next time Penguin Followers,
GLAP: Kristen



  1. Love this idea! I was confused (and still am) when you posted that quiz because it said only one of the statements was true, and Timmy already told me about the name change. So, do you not consider the PA Renaissance faire to be a “Great” job, or do you just plan on commuting to PA from Chicago every day? 🙂

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