Obligatory “Welcome to our blog!”

Greetings Penguin followers!

Richard here writing our very first entry! *Trumpet sounds*

Through this blog we hope to give everyone some insight into the workings of pulling a reasonably sized themed “We Aren’t Roommates Anymore” soiree off. For those of you who don’t know yet, our theme is Steampunk! There’s going to be a whole lot to plan with this since, being actors and very into visual creation, we want to make the overall experience something to remember. While at the same time trying to remain on a somewhat feasible budget since, once again, we’re both actors, and make next to nothing for what we do.

We will also have various updates regarding our honeymoon planning, vendor gathering, and of course, how we saved money on the way! We’ll also be giving some updates to our personal relationship as well since it’s all about us coming together as a couple to get everything done.

Ohh, and the best part of this so far is Kristen has no idea that this blog even exists We’ve been debating about what to do with our last names since she refuses to take mine (which is fine), but at some point in our engagement she had the idea that we could combine them somehow. I wasn’t too keen on the idea to begin with, being rather attached the my own last name and all, but she eventually talked me into it! Except she isn’t aware of that yet, haha. I feel super sneaky about all this right now and I know it’ll be quite the surprise for her as well.

Until next time, cheers!

Richard F


2 thoughts on “Obligatory “Welcome to our blog!”

  1. And it has been found! Muahahaha
    What a surprise it was, you punk! (not steampunk just plain PUNK!)
    How did I find out about his change of last name decision you might ask? Well, it sure wasn;t from the horses mouth, ooohhhh no!
    I get an email.
    Yes all, an EMAIL. Not even from him but a good friend he had in on shenanigans from proposal day. Sneaky, sneaky and sure enough there was a good lil shocked noise that escaped my person while on my break at work. Looks like our names will be a changin in the future! Ahh never thought this would happen. Im so glad it is happening in this way tho.
    We are individuals yes, our names are our own. We come from different places and are combining two completely different lives and what better way to share this unity than take what is ours and both get to share it with each other as we create OUR future together.

    I love you future Richard Adam Furleigh! Ahhhhhh heehee :)<
    Thanks for reading all!
    Til next time,
    Future Kristen Briana Furleigh

  2. I loved this idea when Timmy told me about it. The traditional name change is one of many things that has never made the idea of marriage that appealing to me.

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